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retinal tear

Yesterday I had a small horseshoe tear at the 4 o'clock position laser repaired. I have a history of retinal tears, and a detachment in the other eye. All treated by the same retina doctor. When I asked about how this might affect my vision her response was it won't because the position. When I required about physical limitations she said do what I like to do even go to the gym and lift weights. Just avoid jarring moments or hits in the head. I would just like to get another thought on retinal repairs and weightlifting. Will lifting weights interfere with the healing process? Seems like the research on this is rare with varying opinions. I am a 57 year old healthy male Thanks for your response
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Weight lifting is unlikely to affect the retina tears once they have healed.  I would wait 2 weeks after the laser, to allow the adhesion to develop. The bearing down and straining which accompanies very heavy weight lifting may increase the pressure in the eyes, and is not recommended for patients with significant glaucoma.
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Thank you for your reply. Better to be safe than sorry. So I will take a break for a while. Have a great weekend.
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