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retinitis pigmentosa

I have retinitis pigmentosa, now I have been diagnosed with bulbar palsy, possible ALS.  My queston is do you think the bulbar palsy could be genetic and linked with the retinitis, maybe as some form of a dystrophy?  Have you ever known or heard of someone having these symptoms and having it be genetic? Should I see a genetic specialist?  I have seen several neurologists and only one sems to think they are linked.  In order to rule out ALS, I have to find someone to help see if there is genetic testing for this.
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That is a question that falls outside my area of expertise. You can do you own literature search by using a internet searach engine and seach both terms linked together.

Since you know you have RP and you're not sure if you have Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis it would seem your best bet would be to pursue this latter diagnosis through a neurologist.

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