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scar tissue left in my eye

I had a cold sore develop on my right cornea about 5 years ago. it was treated with drops and seeing an eye specialist often. It seems to have calmed down and I now use fml drop 2xper day and take valtrex once a day and another antibiotic. these meds im told are long term..  my question is I have been left with a great amount of scar tissue around the eye and its never faded, is there a way of removing the scaring. it looks just awful and I am very bothered with that.
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I'm assuming you mean that your cornea is very scarred.  This would mean that your vision is extremely bad as well.  You would need to talk to an ophthalmologist EyeMD who is a cornea specialist.  At some point you might be a candidate for a corneal transplant but it seems your inflammation is not yet resolved.  It sounds like you have herpetic keratitis with probable stromal disease.  Regarding the scarring, transplant treatment is usually aimed at improving the vision.  Cosmetic results can sometimes be a secondary benefit.

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Yes the eye bothers me time to time and the vison is pretty bad. the specialists Ive seen 3 right in my city all agree Im  not a good candidate for a transplant. fearing the virus will act up and attack the new cornea. my night time vison is just horrible. I have triple vision especially looking at lights. so needless to say I do not drive at night. I was hoping the scar tissue could be removed with a laser. not for vision purposes I would imagine its more cosmetic but it sure would lift my spirts up if it was able to be done.
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