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seeing floaters while playing tennis

I don't know why lately I have too many eye problems, I'm in my late 20s

I was playing tennis today and I had to stop because suddenly I saw 1 small black cotton-ball like piece floating across my left eye and a few clear gel-like floating across my vision field.  I stopped playing for about 3-4 minutes and they were gone.   I believe I saw something similiar a month ago, but only one floater, I'm not sure.

I have NO true flash yet, I only see streaks/rays of light coming at me whenever I blink (same color as the source of light), if I hold my eyes half way I can hold the light ray in one place-not flashing.

My questions:

1)  Should I go see my retina specialist again for this new floaters, I saw him last month for the seeing rays of light
2)  I've had 3 eye dilations already, at 2 weeks interval, the 3rd one was last month.  Is it bad for me to have a 4th eye dilation if I need to go for this matter.  Is having too many eye dilations bad?

Thank you doctors, I'm sorry for asking too many questions but having eye problems ruin my quality of life.  
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The period of risk for a new retinal tear is usually the first three months from the onset of symptoms.  It would be safe to be seen.

Multiple dilations of the eyes will not cause a problem.

Dr. O.
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Thank you so much Dr. O

I will see my retina specialist today.

By the way, my pupils are slightly uneven when they dilates, would multiple eye dilations (exam) have caused it? or would multiple eye dilations safe for my uneven eye condition?

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