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severe dry cracked itchy eyelids

My mom has really bad dry cracked swollen itchy peeling eyelids. She seen an eye doctor and they told her she had dry eye and then prescribed refresh eye drop. Well she has been using the eye drops for two monthes now and has had no improvement with her eyelids. In fact after a long day at work her eyelids are so swollen and puffy she can hardly keep her eyes open. She uses cold and warm compresses and it doesnt work either. She is so frustrated that she doesnt know what is going on and cant seem to get a straight answer from anyone. Like I said she has tried everything, at first we thought it mught be an allergic reaction to her makeup but she hasnt wore makeup in monthes. Please help we just want to know what could possibly be causing this.
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She probably has some type of excema or allergic dermatitis that will need a multi-angle approach including an ophthalmology evaluation, some possible steroid creams that are safe around the eyes, a dermatology referrral, possible allergy testing with an allergist, possible dietary changes like a multivitamin and omega 3 fish oil and flaxseed oil, and of course eliminating any offending agents in the home, makup etc.  Sometimes, a biopsy is even needed for certain chronic skin problems that don't respond to typical treatments.  By the way - watch out for neosporin - I have seen it cause this type of problem many times.

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