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sharp pain behind left eyeball


For the past few days I've had a very bad pain behind my left eyeball that hurts everytime I move my eyes, which is just about all the time. When it started I noticed that when I moved my eyes to the side or looking up I would feel a sharp pain which has also developed in to a very bad headache around my eye and forehead. I called my eye doctor and saw him this morning and he did a complete eye exam which included checking my 'fields' as he called them, doing a pressure check for glaucoma, and taking pictures of the inside back of my eye which he showed me on a computer screen. He couldn't find any problems but when I asked him if this was normal he said no.  He didn't have any other advice other than to come back in a few days if it persists. It is a terrible pain and I don't even want to keep my eyes open just so I don't have to move them around so much.  I had even thought of going to the ER to see if they could do anything further to check this out. What is your opinion of this and would it be a waste of time to go to the ER? I've tried to take pain medication for it but it doesn't help. Unfortunately I've looked this up on the computer and it shows too many scenarios, some serious, for this kind of pain. What do you think?
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Hello, I saw a teenager yesterday with similar symptoms and he turned out to have severe sinusitis which showed up on an MRI scan.  I think your symptoms are significant enough to warrant a further workup so talk with your primary care doctor to see if possibly some blood work and a CT scan or MRI would be indicated. There are, of course, other possible causes of the pain, but the key is that no one knows the cause at present and I don't really like that.  Talk to your doctor right away and even go to the ER if you can't get any response.

Michael Kutryb, MD
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