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should I be scared? will I go blind?

Soo hello! I'm not sure if I should be scared or not... but when I go to bed I see something that I could only describe as when you watch sun or bright light you then see those colorful stains like things, but only I see it when I blink and then as I blink it quickly vanished,   I see it in both of my eyes is it in the center , the stain or dot is colorful too but it don't move sometimes is it bigger and then not, it could changes in white , yellow to orange or purple. I also see something as a old television static like thing , in fact all my life . I see white and black  floating dots when i look at the sky, Also my right eye and eyebrow it feel more heavy then my other one .  Thank you if anyone has at least a idea what it might be
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You need to start out with a medical eye exam of by an Eye MD ophthalmologist. It should include amsler grid testing, color vision testing, visual field testing and macular OCT.  If all of that is normal then it is not likely anything serious.  The spot you see when you blink is often a pressure phosphene or entoptic phenomena.  There is a discussion group located on this page that has over 1500 posts and has been going on for years of people that have symptoms like yours.
Hello and thanks for letting me know ... but my family is .. poor and I can't go to checkout my eyes.... but I develop a new thing... I feel like im weak thatI could blackout at aany moment.... pressure around my eyes and the phosphene wanish,  now when I go to sleep and if I blink I see something as a web typeof thing aeound of my eyes... and today I see one small line if I blink like a floaters but this one isn't very moving and it is only in my left eye... and I hear if you see too much black dots and floaters you gone blind... will I go blind?
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we do not make specific diagnoses on this website or try to replace a local physician.  The symptoms your provide are extremely unlikely to lead to blindness. If you are a legal minor (less than 18 years of age most places) you need to discuss your symptoms with your parents.
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