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should i go for cryopexy

my name is Robin Das  and my Age is 34 Yrs -Male i was wearing glass with a power of (High Myopia)
Left Eye(-) Negative 9.50/cylindrical-1.50/Axis-10
Right Eye (-) Negative 9.00/Cylindrical-2.5/Axis -180

this power was constant for 4 yrs but recently the power of left eye has increased considerable
Left Eye(-) Negative 11.0/cylindrical-1.50/Axis-10
Right Eye (-) Negative 9.50/Cylindrical-2.5/Axis -180
On doing my retina ckeckup in Disha Eye Hospital i was told that i have a pigmented lattex in my left eye
i did the retaina checkup with another doctor -(retina specialist MD) he said i have atrophic holes in my left eyes hence i have to do cryopexy

my question are.

1.can i  see holes in any kind of test such as USG of Eye ?
2 should i go for this cryopexy ?
3 what are the side effects of this operation ?
4 what if i avoid this-cryopexy ?

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Dear robinkol1,

I would recommend that you speak with your retinal specialist to determine whether you have any traction surrounding the holes.  This is often a reason for the need for treatment in a patient with lattice.  Also, ask for the benefits and risks of this procedure.  If you do not feel comfortable, seek a second opinion.

Dr. Feldman

Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center
San Diego, California
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