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side effects of laser surgery

Hi, I had retinal detachment in right eye in 2002 with lattice degeneration in left eye. Scleral buckle fitted in right eye with laser in right.

Had PVD in 2005.

After a head injury in August this year had retinal tear in left eye in October which was treated via laser. A week after surgery started seeing a lot of floaters and haze. Had it checked by retinal specialist - who treated me in 2002. He discharged me with a return in 4 months.

3 weeks after laser surgery I still have loads of floaters in left eye, with a haze. Are these normal side effects of laser surgery ? And will they go away? It is disturbing my vision.
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These symptoms are not side effects of the laser surgery but rather side effects of the tear.  One possibility (and I'm hypothesizing here) is that you had some hemorrhage in vitreous in the area of the retinal tear which clotted, and the clot started to break up and clear out.  This is a natural process and matches your symptoms.  It coincidentally began a week after the laser surgery.

The other possibility is that you have had another tear.  I think you should see your retina specialist again.
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Thanks for your reply.

There was a bulge in the retina, a build-up of fluid around the bulge. Then when it was lasered they found two holes under the bulge. This seems consistent with your suggestion that there was some haemorrage.

But I will go back to my retinal specialist to check it out, since the blurring and the haziness has got worse today.
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went back to the retina specialist and had more laser treatment since the tear had not been quite sealed down.
The laser treatment was more painful this time than the previous occasion. I did not have any pain killers before the treatment and the power of the laser was increased, Would both of these have contributed to the laser treatment being more painful this time ?

The treatment was yesterday and this morning the vision is very blurry when working on the PC but when looking at distances seems okay.

I have a follow-up in 10 days to see if I need either more laser or an operation with a buckle. Would the buckle has a preventative measure work?
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