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static snow = cells in retinal vessels

I have come up with the hypothesis that the phenomena of static snow is actually nothing other than the observation of cells in the retinal vessels. Many beleive these two phenomena to be different, however, my experience as a atypical migraine patient suggests otherwise. When I look closely at my static snow, I often notice the same patterns of movement that I have when seeing the cells within my retinal vessels. I have actually been able to vividly see my retinal cells individualy zip along and occassionaly bind to a static structure for a moment and then zip along again. This detail is seen rarely by myself but under the right conditions - before bed ,with soft light from the window, and the right position of my face on the pillow etc... Anyway, the point is that the inidividual particles of my static snow, which is visible on any surface, exhibit the same movement as my retinal cells.What I think is happening is that my atypical migraine is exaggerating the entopic phenomena by superimposing this illusion ontop of everything I see. In other words, static snow is nothing other than an exaggerated entopic phenomena. Please, tell me what you think? Does everyone agree? If not, provide counter evidence.

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Is that an answer or a referral to yourself?
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If you haven't noticed, it seems to be quite popular amongst the MDs on this board, replying with a single dash.  I've asked before what it means, and supposedly means, "read it, got no further comments".  

The phenomena of seeing your own cells, is called blue entopic field phenomena, or  Scheerer's phenomenon. Your question is something no one can firmely answer, it would only be speculation or theorycrafting at best.      I used to study them as well, and i'd discover how they would (over time) be an ever growing population.  If it's related to my autoimmune retinopathy, i can only speculated, but personally I do think so.  

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As a new member I apologize for not recognizing that symbol. Anyway...

Sorry I am getting lost with your pronouns. What seems to multiply? The presence of static snow or your perception of cells (For this question we disregard my theory)? Did they seem to multiply because you noticed more over time? If you find yourself looking at your cells/etc try to see if you can distinguish them between the static snow. I am trying to find people who can make this distinction or not. If enough people are unable to draw a distinction between the phenomena and the snow then we might be one to something. Of course the reliability of this data is very questionable, but I am willing to put a good amount of faith into the perception of others.
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