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strabismus surgery

Hi,  Has anyone had Strabismus surgery due to double vision.   I have had 2 treatments of Bottox,  first in 2017 which lasted almost three years with no double vision.   Have recently had second treatment, worked great for about 2 months but is now wearing  off and double vision starting to return.  Surgery has been suggested but im not sure if it is normally successful.
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Strabismus surgery is very unique and not possible to generalize like cataract surgery. Your condition is obviously getting worse.  I think your options are likely:  1. live with the double vision  2.  continue botox, larger amounts can be injected to try and make they last longer  3. Prism glasses if the misalignment is not large  4. Surgery using perhaps what called "an adjustable suture' which always find adjustments to be made after surgery. (know that every strabismus operation done is less predictable that the one before.    You need to be under the care of a highly experienced strabismus ophthalmic surgeon (they are often called pediatric ophthalmologist because most cases are kids but most do adults).  I would even consider getting a second opinion from a different strabismus specialist to consider.
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I have had Strabismus surgery.  I agree with the above response and would add the process to surgery may not be a quick one.  It took time to "dial" in how far out of alignment my eyes had been.  I was looking to correct two things, 1 - double vision and 2- my eye was pointed inward from adding a buckle in a retina surgery.  I did eye muscle exercises for almost a year with many visit until the DR felt comfortable that she could do the surgery and have a high level of success because of my increased range of motion with the prisms.  Through  all of this I had prism lens glasses that managed the double vision.  I had plano prism for when I wanted to wear contacts.  The surgery was a success in straightening out my eye and I had no double vision after surgery. I also regained my depth of field.  Because of other issues, I have a level of double vision, but it is controlled with prism glasses.
Thanks for adding your experience, always very helpful
Thanks for the responses.   I only get double vision of faces that are about 3 feet away from me, rest is fine, its very strange.
That type of double vision, only at 3 feet would never need surgery.
What would you suggest?
Its actually between 3 and  6 feet
Leave it alone. Surgery doesn’t help that type of problem.
Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it very much.   I am not getting much advice from my dr,   I have been told surgery is an option, further Botox treatment,  a opaque contact lense on my very weak eye are options .a comment was made that it was a pity I wasn’t older (I am 52)  with a cataract,  I really don’t know what was meant by that.   Also would a prism lense help?   As I said I appreciate any help.
I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my post.  I am getting very little information on how to proceed or weather I will have 'normal' vision again.  As I said surgery has been suggested, further bottox injections, Opaque contact lens in my weak eye that has a slight Strabismus .  Would a prim lens help.  any information would be gratefully received  
Sorry for 2 post, i didn't think the first posted last nigh.
The problem as you have described to me  is that the double vision in only at about 3 ft away.  That is HIGHLY unusual  surgery is usually done when there is double vision all the time, or only at 'distance' (20 feet or further).    First I doubt any experienced surgeon would recommend surgery; second if it were done it stands a high chance of making your see double at distance or for reading.  Prism glasses for  computer use might help but not for all the time and all distances.
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