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sunken eye?
i have a problem regarding the appearance of my eye. i don't know if it's genetic or something else, but i am pretty sure that it has nothing to do with a thyroid eye disease.
my right has seems like it has sunk back in my head a little bit, and i'm concerned about it.
each morning, it seems to be getting worse, little by little my eye seems to be sinking into my head and i'm not sure what to do, because i've already been to an eye doctor and he said that my eyes were perfectly fine when it came to my vision.
so my questions are:
- is there a way to fix the appearance?
- is this a serious problem that i should really be concerned about? or am i just over reacting?
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I've heard questions like this before and I guess the main thing is to be certain there is no actual problem with the eye and no previous fracture to the eye socket.  If both normal, then you may need to just look at your family members (especially your mother and father) and perhaps see some clear tendency toward very deep set eyes.  If workup with ophthalmologist is normal, you could just have a family trait.  I know of no ways to correct deep set eyes.

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