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swelling on optical nerve

Can someone please help me understand I was told I seen the best eye specialist in our area he found that there was swelling on both sides of my optical nerve behind my eye he was hoping it was infection and not an auto immune disease like ms but then the retnal specialist came in and said that it looked to be a bit of fluid under my retna and it can go away by itself and usually happens in middle age men caused sometimes from high stress lives like really I am a 31 year old female and my vision has a blurry spot for last coupla weeks now they ordered an mri and angiogram like should I be worried? will this fluid go away? He Said the eye will soak it up they said they haven't seen 2 problems in one eye like this before I'm making myself sick to my stomach someone please tell me what to do until my mri comes I'm sitting here with what they say fluid under retna and swollen optical nerve like wow will my sight get worse before better.?
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I would go see a well known neuroophthalmologist.  If the retina specialist is right, there is nothing to do but wait.  If the other guy is right, you need a full work-up (starting with the MRI) to rule out infection, inflammation, autoimmune disease, masses, etc.  Good luck.

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