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swollen eye lid

Ok, I need some help with this one.  Two days ago i attempted to pluck my lovely eyebrows with some tweasers.  problem was they didn't exactly pluck one out it was just shortened and started to grow inward.  I took care of that but now have a sore up by my brow that is trying to heal.  it looks fine, the sore itself, however my eye lid is swollen to almost shut. very painful and annoying,  do you have any suggestions that can relieve a swollen eye lid?  I have tryed a cold compress, it didnt seem to work at all.  I have tryed a very warm compress and it will take away some swelling but still in alot of pain and the swelling seems to just come back.  it has been three days now, two with the swollen lid. thank you.
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I think you should see an ophthalmologist, because if it is an infection and if this infection gets spread it may cause serious health problems.
If your eye lid is red, the skin is stiff, and it is warmer than the other areas on your face, it is most probably an infection and requires antibiotic therapyi sometimes admission to hospital if the inner tissue of the orbit is also affected.
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