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swollen eyelids

Every morning I wake up with both upper eyelids puffed up and swollen.  It is much worse if I have cried, even slightly the day before.  The swelling eventually will go down if I use compresses but then I am left with loose, crinkly skin.  I have tried all sorts of things- no water before bed, elevating my head, eye lubricant(my apt. is dry), clariten.  Some days are definitely worse than others.  I suspect I have an allergy but how does one figure that out?  Also, I will try cutting down on salt.  Any other ideas of suggestions would be so helpful because this is so disheartening!  I am 43 years old but with my eyelids doing this it can make me look much older and is making the eyelids get wrinkly!  Please help!
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You need to see an Eye MD to check for lid infections or inflammation, whether you need glasses and look for allergy or dry eyes.

Find one near you at www.aao.org

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i have been having the same problem. the little white bags under eyes, got WORSE in the morning when i put ice on them.  I went to dr. all blood good, 48yrs old female, idk, i have racked my brain, i think since the winter and my house is heated with wood heat, its the ONLY thing i have done differently.  Tonight i am shutting heat, and keep humidifier on, lets see. Trying tea bags, creams, ets, cucumbers, some days worse, but to come OUT OF THE BLUE not good for the ego!! HELP HELP HELP
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You need to see eye MD ophthalmologist. If live USA find one near you at www.geteyesmart.org if live elsewhere have family MD refer you. Most common cause by far "dry eye syndrome" due to age, gender and dry winter air. Go to "Today's Pulse" on this page and click on dots till you find the dry eye article I wrote. In the mean time use artifical tears.

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