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swollen red eyelid

Starting two days ago my right eyelid was hurting a a little swollen. It has gotten more painful and much more swollen since then. If I flip my eyelid up it is very very red and it looked almost like a little red bump underneath - that was yesterday. Today it is so swollen I can't even flip the eyelid up. I called the eye dr and he can't fit me in today. What could it be? What should I do? I took benadryl last night thinking it may be an allergy but it didnt help at all.
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Your description would fit an eyelid infection. (Stye). However with pain you should try and see an ophtahlmologist today or tomorrow. Find one near you at www.aao.org

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Thank you, I was able to see my doctor and you were right, it's a stye. I didn't think that's what it was since I didn't see any little white head, but it is. He said it should go away in a week or so and to use hot compresses. One thing I read today said that if your eyelid is red then you may need antibiotics, which he did not prescribe. Today when I woke up my eyelid is very red and more swollen (seems worse in the morning), do you think I should get antibiotics?
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