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tear duct plugs

Am just inquiring about having my tear ducts plugged because of dry eyes after both cataracts removed and plastic lenses implanted.  Are there side effects?
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Basic side effects include possible excess tearing and itching near the plugs.   You can have dissolvable trial plugs placed first, then non-dissolving silicone plugs placed if the temporary ones did OK.  Please avoid intracanalicular plugs like Herrick or smartplugs since they have a tendency to cause severe, irreversible scarring of the duct (I have seen several cases.)  The best long term non-dissolving plugs are made of silicone, are placed in the puncta and can be easily removed. Oddessy (which I use) and Eagle are two good brands that come to mind.  Again, as long as permanant or semi-permanant plugs are not placed in the canaliculus, you should be very safe.  The only problem I have ever seen is that they fall out about 15% of the time.

Michael Kutryb, MD
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