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temporary white blind spot in my vision


Today I did an MRI on my lower back. After the completion in about 15 minutes I had a  temporary white blind spot in my vision. It was just like a white round blob  blocking a part of my vision (slightly off center to the right). It felt like it was the right eye. After blinking a few times, it went away. So lasted maybe 2-3 seconds. No other symptoms. My recent general check-up blood tests were fine. I am anemic.
I did have cloudy vision a few times before and I am scheduled for an eye ultrasound soon, but I have never had a white blind spot like this before.

Could this be some MRI side effect? I read online that many people experience vision problems after an MRI. Will the ultrasound show if there is something off?

Thank you.
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The MRI should not have caused this and given how quickly it went away and stayed away it is not likely serious.  Since this is not likely anything normal the further testing is likely to be normal. Your really don't need an eye 'ultrasound' as much as you need a eye/macula OCT, that would give a lot more information.
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Hello Doctor and thank you for your reply.
I was reffered to an ultrasound by my ophthalmologist after my routine eye exam, as she noticed some tightness around the canal.I have not checked the retina yet (waiting for the ultrasound). The blind spot appeared on the right eye i feel like. And I usually feel tension in my right eye (I don't know if this has anything to do with the tightness that my doctor talked about). "Since this is not likely anything normal the further testing is likely to be normal." could you please clarify this part?  Do you mean further tests are required or the results are likely to be normal?  Also, could this be a retinal migraine? I did have some tension and pain around the eyes for a bit. Also I was a bit dehydrated.

Thank you again
It would not be a migraine, they last much longer than a few seconds.  For the former problem your eye doctor identified tests are necessary for this new symptom that went away a second otwo no
I see. So you wouldn't consider this episode an emergency then?
I note you posted this 15 hrs ago.  By now you should have contacted your doctor's office to discuss.
Yes, will do. Thank you.

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