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tooth extraction cause blindness

Dear all,

Could anyone explain to me if there is a connection between eye's and tooth's nerve? The problem is that soon after I got my upper right side jaw's teeth extracted I went blind on my right eye totally. I did ask other doctors and dentists and all of them said that it must be due to the extraction of my tooth. Only the dentist who extracted my teeth said that the extraction has nothing to do with my eye.
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My son had his wisdom teeth pulled. Cellulitis infection set in and traveled up his nasal cavities. Got behind his eyes and damaged his optic nerves. He is completely blind in one eye and has less than 15% vision in the other eye.  The infection is what caused the blindness not getting the tooth pulled itself. The infection was traveling to his brain and heart. He needed multiple surgeries to save his life. He was able to keep his eye balls but the nerves were beyond help. This happened in 3 days.
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I am so sorry to hear this.  Oral or sinus surgery can in rare cases cause orbital cellulitis which in turn in the worse case can cause blindness.  Fortunately I have never had a patient lose an eye from dental surgery.
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Dear Sir,

First of all, I sincerely want to thank you for your comment.
Yes, it was an upper tooth (3rd molar, on right side). Soon after my 3rd molar was extracted, my right eye went blind. Could you please kindly give me the explanation regarding to the situation I am facing now? How are eyes' and tooth's nerves related?
Thank you very much for your kind help.
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Eye nerves and teeth are the same, but different branching. Tooth extraction, especially anesthetic injection, can cause complications, although it is very, very rare.

i hope my answer helps you. get well soon!
I have seen several complications of the eye and orbit from dental work but fortunately no lost eyes.
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I have seen this and it is most likely related to the anesthesia reaching the area of the eye nerve or blood vessel.  Was this an upper tooth?

Dr. O.
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