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treatment for exophoria

i m a a 20 year old guy suffering from an eye disorder. i am suffering from exophoria.  it started when i was 18 and after that i am not able to find its treatment. this problem has destroyed my personality and shattered me completely. Please tell me a solution for this. Doctor recommended me some exercises like pencil push ups and an exercise which is done on a machine.
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First, get an examination by an Eye-MD who specializes in adult eye muscle problems like exophoria.  Exophoria is one of the few eye problems that can respond to "eye exercises".  There are computerized eye exercises which work as well, and are more fun than, the old-style pencil pushups.  Go to www.aapos.org to find a doctor near you.

Second, I have never encountered a patient in whom exophoria has "destroyed" the personality and "shattered" them.  Therefore, successfully treating the exophoria may do nothing for your other life issues.  I suggest seeking assistance from your primary care doctor or a mental health care provider while you are working on your exophoria.
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