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treatment for myopic degeneration

I have been a high myop for 27 years.  In 2001, a tear in the vitreous was observed in my right eye and I was sent to a retinal specialist.  I have continued to have bleeds in both eyes on atleast an annual basis.  Each time I go into the specialist the blood is present, but the bleeding has supposedly stopped.  I have recieved absolutly no treatments for my condition.  I have extensive blood vessel growth within the eye.  Mjy eye is extremely long, I have blind and blurry spots when looking at the ansler grid.  I have regular floaters (thought about naming them) due to the deteration of the vitreous. My vitreous is even beginning to pull away from the back of the eye.  I have been told that my retina is in good shape at this time. I have been told to avoid climbing stairs, lifting weights, riding rollercoasters, getting hit in the head, and doing anything that raises my blood pressure.  I have tried to do research on my condition and have found little information, but keep reading about individuals recieving injections that help.  I have looked for information on when it is appropriate to use the injections and when it is not and have not found anything.  Are the injections only to be used if the bleed is active or can it be used to stop or decrease the blood vessel growth within the eye?
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Injections can help if the bleeding is from the choriod.

Dr. O.
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What kind of injections are you speaking of?
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I am in a similar situation.  I have have repeated injections (Avastin)  which helped greatly.  I no longer have blind spots, but what I do see is wavy and "smeared" looking.  Still this is a far cry from the original bleed that took place.  Unfortuneatly, the injections alone weren't doing the trick.  I just had my first PDT ( Photo Dynamic Therapy.) It has stabilized my eye to the best that its been in over a year.  Apparently I will need to have this therapy  between once and 4 times per year for the duration.  I am very pleased with the results of the treatments.
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