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vaseline in eye

Got Vaseline in my  eye  after lens exchange

hi  had tetraflex lens implants  8  months a go great vision 20 - 15  and good reading ability

About 3 months later I got a lens bag  wrinkle in one eye. I went and seen the surgeon who did a yag laser treatment on  one  eye this left me with a small stardust. I went back and seen the surgeon who said the yag size and condition of the lens are  good. Im putting of getting the other one  done until I can find out what's causing the star burst. I have dry skin around my eye and use Vaseline on them if I got a small amount in my eye could this cause the wrinkle and starbust? If so could the eye with out a lens bag be  irrigated ? To remove the haze ?

Thank you.
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There is no way that putting vaseline around your eye could have any effect on the surgery that was performed inside your eye.
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thanks for your reply

What im asking, if Vaseline was to   land on the surface of the eye could it make its way to the lens bag and on to the lens? and could it be removed?

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No, Vaseline cannot get from the outside of your eye to the inside.  

Have you read up on the the Tetraflex and other types of implants?  Starbursts and halos are very common side effects with many of them.  You need to ask your doctor if the starbursts you are seeing are simply caused by the type of lens implant you have.
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