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vitreous trouble

Dr. Hagan,
First I am sorry i posted 2 questions yesterday, I was not aware of this policy.
Please, help me...I am not posting these questions for theoretical interest...
Four days ago I received lasser to seal a partial detachment of the retina, I had some previous tears sealed many years ago which continued to crack and then gave to the retinal detachment.
i noticed I was wrong by floaters and the clouded vision ( I can read anything, does not distort lines but its like cloudy ) this cloudy thing persists, some floaters also but I am more concerned by the fogginess.
The doctor told me my vitreous detached and pulled the retina, hence the past questions....
Do you think this cloudiness could go away or is there something I could do about it?
I appreciate your attentions.
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Please repost on an odd day.  Dr. Hagan answers on odd days.

Dr. O.
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Thank you Dr Oyakawa.
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