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warm compress after cyclosporine

I have been prescribed teva-cyclosporine 0.05%, I was wondering if it is okay to put the eye drops in my eye, and then after like 10 minutes or more use a warm eye compress, I am very stressed due to my bloodshot eyes from dry eye, and I find that the warm compress helps me to fall asleep but do not want to "wash" away or eliminate the effects of the eye drops with the moisture from the warm compress. any thoughts will be appreciated !
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Both my wife and I are on restasis (same med as you) for over 8 years with excellent results.    Restasis is used twice per day but does not have to be used at bedtime. So put drops in morning  and with your evening meal.  Because of the cumlative effect of restasis the time between dosages is not critical as it is for antibiotics and heart medication. Remember it takes 6 months for your medication to fully kick in.  During the day use preservative free artificial tears. If you are going someplace special and you think your eyes are blood shot use Lumify an over the country eye whitener that does not cause 'rebound redness' like Visine and Murine and other 'get the red out' Drops
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Does Lumify have preservatives ??
yes but you are not using it every day and there are differenty types of preservatives,  being allergic to one does not mean you are allergic to all.
uhm? I never said I was allergic to preservatives.. but they do damage the cornea lol? I do not know why you are promoting something that damages the cornea...
Preservatives do not damage the cornea, every drop that is multiuse has some sort of preservative in it.. The most common is BAK.  So out of a hundred people that take preservative eye drops several times/day only one or two will be allergic to preservative. And in those it does not do serious or permanent damage to eye on cause it to be red or irriated till they are stopped.
I do not think you are a doctor
Think what you may dude. Just Google
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