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weird eyes symptoms, what can it be

i'm a student and nearsighted, -4.75, wear glasses, with astigmanism (spelling)..

about a month now, at night i see starburst, LONG RAYS coming off all light, car headlights, street lights, and halos.

what weird is when i squinch my eyes, the Rays appear LONGER and the ray appear verticle Upward. and what more weird if I look up the top of the eyes, it seem like I am seeing my eyelashes reflection, the more i look upward top of my eyes, seem like it a scratch, seem like eyelashes hair lines.

i dont know if this is a scratch on my corneal (spelling)? or some corneal disorder? can this be my agtismanisim increasing?

i did went to a retina specialist, nothing wrong with my retina, the dr. didn't really know exactly why i am seeing starburst at light. dr. didn't think i have cataract since i'm in my 20s.

any opinions? anyone disorder have this type of symptoms, THANKS!!!
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In your age group it usually just means the glasses or contact lens RX has changed. Retina MDs don't usually mess with testing those.  Older adults think cornea disease, cataracts, macular disease

See an general ophthalmologist. Find one near you at www.aao.org

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thank you dr. john,

i do think my nearsigted increase since i am seeing things more blurry now, but whether with glasses or without glasses, i am seeing that starburst, i keep seeing rays coming off lights even WITHOUT my glasses though. do you think i might have the Higher order aberrations? can higher order aberrations cause me blindness?

i look up the starburst symptoms and it seem like mostly it associate with the cornea, maybe Corneal Dystrophies? should i see a corneal specialist? since the retina specialist couldn't help me with my starburst.
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Did you ever resolve this? Same issue
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Thank you
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This post is 10 years old
He may have found an answer, I struggle eberyday with this
SimonHurst: me too...
What’s your background natia? I’ve had lasik and Accutane wondering if it’s from dryness or lasik
I already asked about this to Dr. Hagan, he thinks it's better to see refractive surgery specialist, so I will do this. Iny case, lasik was performed 7 years ago, since then I never had any kind of starburst halo or ghosting, my vision was good and clear, only some floaters that I had already before lasik. It began suddenly 2 months ago, it ruined my quality of life and I don't know what to think, let's see what the doctor will say, I will make appointment for next weeks.did, ou begin to experience this problem directly after Lasik?
I had lasik 2 years ago then Accutane 9 months after & devoloped floaters straight after the course of Accutane!

Couldn’t deal with the floaters so had vitrectomy in both eyes last year. Started straight after that.

So it’s either from dryness for me, or from the vitreous etc.

My vision after lasik was fine until I had that mediciation! Please keep in touch x
I never used Accutane, but I know it from one that that was using it. My floaters began in 2011 suddenly, yesterday they were not here, next day I woke up they were in both eyes, how it happened in 1 night in both eyes is for me a secret that I will never understand. They were bothering me, but as soon as my doctor told me they are not making blind, I began to get used to this problem and try not to pay much attention. This starburst and halos began this summer 2020 as suddenly as floaters in 2011.but I must mention 1 thing, in both periods of my life when these problems began I had enormous private/work/study stress and was anxious. If stress condition can also be connected with it I don't know. Do you have pain in the eye due to this starburst and glare? Do you also see huge halos around street lights? Do you see them at night or also a day from car lights? What did your doctor say? Sure I will let you know if I will find out the reason.
acutane can cause eye problems but floaters is not one presently recognized.
I have glare, streaks, starburst halos etc in the day and night. The most bothersome are the daytime ones because they reflect off cars and they are absolutely blinding!!!

I’m under the impression it’s a tear film problem!

My dr has no idea;

I also think I have corneal nerve damage as my pain never goes away, so the pain plus the visual problems are a nightmare
Hi Simon, short update from me. As I could not get quick appointment for refractive eye specialist, I will go there in the end of November. But today I decided to go 1 more time to retina specialist, as it is my biggest fear and something that scares me to death. So, today again eye examination with OCt, microscope, Visual field. Everything is fine. Only little dark place on visual field, that is exactly where my optic nerve is tilted. So he said, it's not something I have to worry about. His answer on my final question "so, what it is??? , it destroyed the quality of my vision and life" he answered: "like a specialist in physics and in ophthalmology, I can insure you with all responsibility, that it's a problem of cornea and not some pathology of retina. For me it's a secret, how after 7 years from lasik this could happen so suddenly or why, but only thing I can do now is to wait for my appointment to meet refractive surgeon
I forgot 1 think, me just like you, always have pain inside eye + starburst, halos, glare. So I also thought maybe it's a damage of optic nerve. He said there is nothing wrong with nerve, nothing neurological. He advice me to calm down and not pay attention to what I see, but no one can understand that's its simply impossible not to pay attention on this symptoms
Yeah understandable there’s no way it can be ignored.

I’ve seen about 3-4 eye doctors, one being a viteoretinal surgeon, a cataract surgeon and nobody knows! So god knows what’s going on.

Do you get that weird effect around lights like a moving haze?
Yes, exactly the same things you describe I have... Moving haze around lights and others.... You know, every time I am coming back from doctor, I am calmed for 1 day and then when I see this weird things again, my anxiety is comes back... And so since August...
So let's see what refractive surgeon will tell me. You know, my biggest fear was the problem with retina and problem of  photo receptors, but he said, it's not. I also have the visual snow Syndrom, it's also called blue entoptic phenomena. Maybe this all is really somehow connected with each other? Did you see retina specialist?
Hope you understand my English, and hope we can find solution for our problem soon, stay in contact
Dear Doctor, I am back again with update. As you adviced me, I made appointment and today went to one of the best refractive Chirurg and corneal specialist in Vienna. He made corneal topography, OCT, microscopic examination of lens ect. So he found no problem with cornea and said there is nothing wrong with it. Only thing he discovered were some little problems in lens that could be the beginning of cataract. Still he was not quite sure, from where my problems (starburst, straylight, light sensitivity, halos and glare) are coming. He said he does not see also any retinal disease except peripheral degeneration due to myopia. My biggest fear is genetic retinal disease, I asked him about these, he said for 99% I don't have it. I don't know what to do... I already saw 3 retina and 1 cornea specialists. My problem is getting worse with time, especially ghosting and starburst. Any suggestion what next step could be? Should I really blame everything to Visual snow? Thank you!
I'm trying to find your age. If you were born in 84 you are 36 which is young for a cataract but sometimes happens.   I would stop worrying and move on with your life. If you had something serious the doctors and tests you have had will show it.  There is not treatment for visual snow nor anyway to prevent a small cataract from growing (assuming you live a healthy lifestyle and don't smoke, drink heavily, not obese/diabetic/not on steroids).   And if you have a genetic retinal problem, which I agree is 99.8% unlikely there is no treatment for an unknown retina genetic disease.
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I have dry eye too (evaporative)
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You are exactly in the same situation like me :(
You have pain? I don’t think lasik caused the majority of my issues I think it was accutane urgh
But I don't believe it can be a problem of dry eyes, otherwise drops would help
Email me, ***@**** :)
Urgh maybe not! Haha didn’t realise it blocked it! There has to be something to help, I can’t function like this much longer
Yes I have pain from this glare all the time, especially in my right eye, my right pupil is bigger than left, maybe it's a reason that in the right one enters even more light. Sometimes I have feeling that this pain goes from eye through my head and I feel pain in all right part of my head also. The eyes are burning all the time. There is one more thing I mention since 1 year, my blind spot in the right eye is much bigger than in the left and I see it even with both eyes open
I became depressive, I lost 7 kg in the last 3 months from worries and can not sleep at night, I am scared...
Yeah I have burning all the time, it’s horrible isn’t it, I’m only 30 years old it’s stole my life from me! I get headaches too :( we sound very similar!
I live in Vienna and here there are quite strong eye specialists, I am going to see the retina specialist again in the next days and also the specialist of refractive surgeries, as doctor Hagan adviced me. I want to ask the doctor to make all further examinations. 1 problem is the quality of life that is ruined, other thing is the fears of what it can be... Ah, I forgot to ask you one thing, do you have blue entoptic phenomena or visual snow syndrome when you see little dots while looking at the sky?
Yep! I have that too, plus I have the starbursts, rays. I just can’t understand why. And why are doctors so obvious to it?
I don't know, I know it's not good to search for answer in Google, but I am doing this every day and things I find make me scared. I don't know why I got this problem, was it necessary? I already had enough other problems! If you can write what exams your ophthalmologist made and how did he explain you your problem
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Maybe it's your brain that's obsessed with all this.
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I wish it was only my brain...
Brain? Silly comment I know exactly what I’m seeing and feeling
Dear doctor, I am back with one more question, please answer if possible. On Monday as I said above, I had again visual field and Oct control. On VF in my right eye(which is so sensitive to light and where I always have pain) was found black scotoma, very near to where my natural blind spot is. The doctor first said, everything is OK except this black spot, then he looked once again on my Oct picture, and said, that this scotoma is normal for me. I did not understand anything, while I have tilted disk in my right eye and nerve has a strange position, can this be a reason that I have a little atrophy /scotoma near blind spot? In the end he said there is no retinal/optic nerve pathology. I am waiting now for my appointment to meet refractive Chirurg,as the retinal specialist could not explain my starburst/glare problem again. Thank you!
That is difficult to answer without looking at eye and OCT and VF.  A variety of optic nerve problems can enlarge the blind spot from swelling (papilledema) to inflammation (optic neuritis) to mylenated nerve fibers,  tilted disc could also.  scarring as from ocular histoplasmosis. So the list is extensive and I can't offer useful information Sorry
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