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what can be done for someone who only uses one eye?

My son had trouble skipping lines when he read in first grade.  After an eye test, it was determined that he had only been using one eye since birth.   The bad eye had very low vision, and the doctor said the brain turns it off when the good eye is used, thus he only uses one eye.  Now he is in college, and having trouble with his good eye being overworked and it is starting to go down from 20/20 to 20/40.  He has had no problems with sports, coordination, etc. In fact he was a shooter in basketball with a 83% free throw average. But he has dropped out of college classes repeatedly because he is having to read more.  He had a basketball scholarship but has given it up because he didn't think he even wanted to go to college.  Now he wants to get contacts for his one good eye.  Is there anything that can be done to get his brain to turn the bad eye back on?
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1. You child undoubtedly has amblyopia and there is no way to make the bad eye see better as an adult.
2. The good eye does not wear out or tire faster because the amblyopic eye isn't helping it. Think of it this way. If your son lost an arm in an accident the remaining arm would not get weaker it would get stronger because it does everything. AND it would not wear out faster for not having the other arm help it.
3. In my opinion contacts should not be fit for two reasons: the risk of infection, scarring, etc that comes with a contact lens and second he loses the protective effectof wearing glasses (think safety glasses).
4. See another ophthalmologist for a fresh prespective on his problem.
5. Remember that this condition is hereditary and the chance of other children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews getting it is 20+%. All infants and young kids in your family should be examined by an eye MD ophthalmologist before age 3.

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