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what causes Periorbital cellulitis?

I woke up this yesterday morning, with my eyes(the eye lids) reaaaaaally swollen, and redness around the skin in my eyes.
So alerted I went to my doctor and he said I have Periorbital Cellulitis.
He put me on 250mg of Apo-Cefuroxime/Cefuroxime Axetil - 1 tablet twice daily.
Now of course me having anxiety I had to search it up, and it can turn into Cellulitis which is serious.
So it this medication going to cure it?
Cuz im scared of it affecting my brain.
Im just curious of where this came from.. Ive never had it before.
I tend to pick my ears alot, with bobby pins and qtips which make my ears sore and tender and the glands swollen.
My doctor says that bacteria from my ear got into my eye.
I have no ear infection tho.
What causes this Periorbital cellulits?
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How can this be a wrong diagnosis?
My eye is much better almost 90% less swollen.
im on antibiotics?
your scaring me
im only 18
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No my doctor was not a opthamlogist. Hes my family doctor.
Now you have scared me alot.
I have anxiety and now i thinkthe worst is gunna happen.
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If you "doctor" is not a ophthalmologist Eye MD physician I suggest you call one IMMEDIATELY  AND TRY AND GET IN TODAY AS AN EMERGENCY.

If you did not see an ophthalmologist the diagnosis might be incorrect. Second you may have pre-speptal cellulitis which is much less serious than orbital cellulitis (OC).. OC is a very serious infection that often requires hospitaliztion and IV antibiotics. In adults the most common cause of OC is sinus infection spreading to the orbet (eye socket).

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