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what could it be?

For about a year now i'm suffering from red eye, dry eye, conjunctivitis and sticky eye in the morning. At first the eye-doctor thought about over-use of contact lenses, but after 6 months letting them about I still had these problems. I did blood-tests for allergies, blood tests for Diabetis etc. and even for Chlamydia. Nothing occured.

But now: When the problems above (at this moment) are stable. A week ago I noticed heavy starburst, glare  and halo's around lightsources. I have it during day and night time. What could this be? Does anyone recognize these problems? (doc tested eye pressure, fine too.)

I'm getting really frustrated by all this.. and a little afraid where this could end..
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Most likely it is due to a change in refraction.  A cataract is a common cause in an older population.

Dr. O.
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Hello Dr. Oyakawa, You say that a cataract is a common cause in an older population. But that's so weird: I am 27.
Couldn't it be that my year long 'dry-eye/conjunctivitis' problems caused this?
Problems a getting worse little by little. I'm getting headaches now in the evening.

Maybe it's a weird thing to say, but the past half year I used XTC twice. Odd side effect was, that during this evening (and morning after) my eyes were chrystal clear! (I didn't had the glare.halo problems at that time yet) Could this mean anything?
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I had dry eyes for many years, I have tried many different eye drops prescription and over the counter.  but nothing helped.--
Then I found Castor Oil. Cold Expressed Castor Oil is very inexpensive,
I bought mine on line.  you either use an eye dropper and apply 2 drops to each eye at night, or you could apply it on to both upper and lower eyelids on top of the lashes, I use a clean finger. It has given me the relief I needed so that's what I have been using since. This is actually a remedy from Edgar Cayce's on You tube.

I also read from my researches that Lack of Magnesium could cause seeing eye spots, glare, Like Looking thru glass-glare . I remember it cause I had it and my MD did not have any comment on it.
Search Google for Magnesium and Eye spots
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