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worrying about vision

I have recently moved house around 3 weeks ago, during this process i lost my glasses, but as i wear contact lenses there was no urgency. I began wearing my contacts 24/7, literally from waking up to going to bed, daily disposable, never giving my eyes a break. Now I don't know if I'm paranoid or whether there is something genuinely wrong, there more i think about it the more i worry, however if i do manage to take my mind of it, it doesn't seem to bother me, so I'm guessing its a mental. Anyway, i decided to get my eyes checked out and went to specsavers, had a vision and contact lenses check, both confirming my eyes are absolutely fine, a little weaker on vision as expected and very dry, however wearing glasses more will resolve this problem.
I cant define what i feel is wrong, but it seems i cant focus properly in detail on light coloured surfaces/objects, then the more i notice it the more i try to focus, i can read fine, see long distance, strong light doesn't cause any discomfort, but light colours seem blotchy somehow, i can still see the colour, but it isnt whole, also my job involves a lot of face to fact contact with clients, and focusing on faces seems difficult too. Now i don't know if if this is just anxiety, or whether this makes sense at all, its hard to explain as i don't fully understand myself. But if anyone can pull anything out of this, please feel free to offer ur opinion.
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I would recommend a complete exam with an ophthalmologist, to be sure that there is nothing wrong with the retina.  Some of your symptoms suggest an issue with the retina.
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