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yag laser for starburst

I had cateract surgery March and April of this year,I saw halos had yag laser done last wed. and this week on tues. I now see starbursts in right eye told my dr. about it and he said I would stop seeing them when I told my brain not to see them. I have talked to several people who have had this procedure and they see the same thing is it all our brains mal functioning? I am confused can you help or explain why this is happening..

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They usually get better, but not always.

Dr. O.
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Thank you for your answer I hope mine will not last very long,but can you train your brain not to see starbursts and halos?
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It's now been 3 years since my cataract surgeries and the (1) YAG following them.  Doctor never did do a second YAG; just on the off chance it may do more harm than good.  The starbursts are still there but don't bother me as much; I don't know whether my brain got used to them or they actually diminished with time (lots of it!).
I did try the drops that shrink your pupils (at night) but they did not make any difference.
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Wow. Thank you for your comment. I also have Fuchs and now have a severe case of starbursts after the cataracts were removed. I did not get the yag. I have been reading and seeing doctors and even had a lens exchange  (from multi focal to an Alcon} and still have starbursts. I can manage the day but night vision on the road is like an acid trip.  I certainly do not drive at nite. Your explanation makes perfect sense!  I have never seen it explained like that!  Wish now I had not had the lens exchange as my iris has a translucent area from the surgery and is now nuclear sensitive to light. I am the type of person that just has to understand things so I am happy to make this connection! Note to Dr. Hagan - Thank you for this web site and your responses. I read about your rec to someone for Dr. Doug Koch in Houston Baylor as he is an iris specialist of world class. I am close enough to have an easy trip to see him. I have an appointment in May and hope there will be some easy thing to minimize the effects of the translucent iris. Thank you!
You are in good hands.  Tell him how you were referred. This website used to be sponsored by American Academy of Ophthalmology before new ownership severed outside groups.  So now I truck along by myself with the blessing of Am Acad of Ophthal
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