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yellow/white raised lump

Hello & thank you in advance for any help you could offer.  I am 37, f.  I have had a yellow/white "pimple-like" lump on Right-eye skin/white of eye for about 1yr with irritation, pain, tenderness, dishcharge (a stringy substance, sometimes clear, white or yellow to greenish-both eyes), feeling of hair or foreign body in eyes, seeing lines like hairs w/nothing in them, dry eyes, excesive blinking.  Told Dr. & she wasn't woried but I am.  History: JRA-age 7, OA & Fibromyalgia-age 30, no mensus. meds: steriodal & narcotic pain management since age 10-19. Tried alternatives in 20's but got very ill. Last 7yrs-Oxycodone, Vicodin, Plaquinil(sp?), Gabapentin, Lidocaine Patch, Marinol. I worry about the meds doing something bad after all these years.
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Plaquanel can affect the eye but it causes problem on the inside back of the eye. Your problem would require looking at the eye but JRA patients have problems with surface dryness and it might be a pingueculum.   Steroids could cause cataracts but again that's inside the eye. Your sympmtoms sound like you may have a dry eye. I suggest seeing a different Eye MD ophthalmologist for a second opinoin

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Thank you very much for your knowledgeable and swift retort. I greatly value and appreciate the time that you took to answer my query.  I will follow your counsel and call an Ophthalmologist tomorrow.  What you learned professionals do to help everyone here is a gift.
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thanks and good luck
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I took a video of the lump.  It's not clear but you can see the shape, rise and color somewhat if you're interested?  If you do have time to view it, please mute your sound before viewing.  thank you, again. EEG
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