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18 month old recurring fever

My 18 month old son has been having on and off fevers for over 6 weeks lasting for up to 4 days. the first time he was diagnosed with bronchitis, 2 weeks later he developed roseola, now 2 weeks later his fever is back. any advise.
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It is reassuring that his fevers have been diagnosed as being the result of specific illnesses.  It is common in this age group to be picking up germs at every turn, especially if your child is in daycare, or has frequent contact with other kids.  I know it is difficult, but try to keep him from putting his hands in his mouth when/after playing with other children, and don't let him share sippy cups with other kids.  Keep some antibacterial wipes, or something like Purell on hand for easy hand cleaning.

You should call and make an appointment with his doctor is his fever lasts more than 3 days- or sooner if he has significant pain (eg from an ear infection), or other worrisome symptoms.  Call your MD if the fever lasts more than 24hrs and doesn't seem to be associated with a cause, like a cold.  Also call if the fever comes, and resolves, but then returns.  In addition, call your MD if the fever is high (104F or greater), or if he is having any symptoms that you are worried about.  Sometimes over the phone your doctor can tell you whether you need to come in urgently, or can wait it out.  If you are at all concerned about something serious, take him to the ER immediately.

When your son is febrile, keep him comfortable with good hydration,  cool moist towels if necessary, appropriate dress, and acetaminophen or ibuprofen to bring the fever down.

If he continues to get frequent infections, I would ask your pediatrician about the possibility of other issues like immune problems.  If he has fever with no known source, that should be further investigated.

Good luck.

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