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hi doc,

my wife had a tubal pregnancy after ivf treatment. she had one of her tubes removed on july 15th. she became anemic(blood count of 9.7), hematocrit was 28. she took some iron tablets. her symptoms of fatiue, headaches were getting better. we checked her blood count in aug and was 11.1. she looked like her symptoms was better. but now again she is getting a lot of palpitation, she is tired all the time and gets headache. we had her blood work checked and now it is 11.4(hematocrit is 33).

1) even though her blood count is 11.1 she is getting the symptoms of palpitation, headache and very very tired again. in fact it has become worse than before/ some sites say that it takes 3-6 months to cure anemia. do you think 11.1 is still anemic and she still needs treatment from anemia?

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A hemoglobin of 11.1 is mildly anemia.  Checking for various causes - post-surgical, GI or GYN - should all be considered.   If there is no clear source of bleeding, obtaining a hematology evaluation can be considered to determine if there are any intrinsic blood-borne diseases present.  

A transfusion is less likely to be needed at this level.  However, if there are symptoms, I would discuss this with her personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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thanks for your immediate reply.

after the surgery for removing the tubes the blod test was done. she still had some signs of pregnancy fibers in her blood level. the doctors gave her medicines to abort her pregnancy(some cancer shot). after that she got heavy periods for about 8-9 days with chunks of bloods. then she got another peiod for in about 20 days and again lost a lot of blood. all this happened in about 45 days after the ivf surgery.

pretty much after the blood count of 9.7 in end of july she has had two heavy periods.

pls suggest.

thanks a lot
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hi doctor,

once again thanks a lot for your reply.

sorry and will explain in detail:

june 15th: ivf insementaion.

june 30th: test reports not pregnant and she got her periods.

july 15th: she had stomach pains. the doctor found that she was still tubal preg and had to take her for surgery to remove her tube.

july 30th: was tired: took test for anemia and the count was 9.7. given iron supplement.

aug 15th: gradually feeling better: checked the blood and it was 11.0. doctor fund that she was still pregnant and gave her a shot. the doctor said it was shot given for cncer patients.

aug 16th: got her periods again. the periods were very heavy with chunks of blood. the periods went on for 8-9 days. during this time she was travelling to france and was not taking iron supplements.

aug 30th: started to get headache and fatigue symptoms again.

sep 06th: got her periods again.

sep 10th: was feeling fatigue, headaches. on and off.

oct 10th: went to a doctor. checked the blood for anemia and it is 11.4.


1)pls let me know if the above blood losses due to the surgery and periods is the source of bleeding and cause of her anemia.

2)she is still having symptoms of headaches, fatigue. what do you suggest?

thanks a lot
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