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Bleeding during sex

Over the past year I have had a reoccuring problem with bleeding during sex. I have seen my gynecologist for this problem.  At first I was treated for a bacteria infection.  I have also had many pap smears and an ultrasound on my vagina, all came out negative.  My doctor says that there is nothing wrong, that this is just a fluke and it will go way with time, but it hasn't.  I have had tests for every STD and they are all negative but this still seems to occur.  I did not have sex for months with my boyfriend that I have been with since this started happening, because I am afraid of it happening again.  One time when I went in for an exam and my cervix starting bleeding after being poked.  Then the most recent time, it didn't.  So I was told and assumed everything was fine.  Last night I had sex for the first time in months and I still bled.  And it's not just a little bit of blood, it's enough to soil the sheets.  There is no pain involved with the sex, the only way I notice that it is happening is from it being so wet.  There is not a problem with rough sex or lubrication. I am also on the pill (mircette), but this was occuring before I started taking the pill.  
This is a huge problem because I am afraid to have sex now even though my doctor tells me I'm fine and should continue to have sex.  I don't know what to do but I want this to stop. I want to enjoy sex again. Please help!
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Thank you for visiting the Family Practice Forum.

I suspect you have what is known as a "Friable Cervix". This essentially means that your cervix is very prone to bleeding.
It sound like you have had an extensive workup for this problem and there is no infection present that would be causing this. Bleeding from a friable cervix is typically due to chlamydia, other infections or cervical cancer.

Two things come to mind. Firstly, are we SURE that all of the tests for infection are negative and that the pap smear was in fact negative? I might be inclined to repeat these tests just to be on the safe side.

Secondly, have you considered getting a second opinion from another gynecologist? I had a case similiar to what you describe during my training (residency). As a last resort, the gynecolgist did something called "cryotherapy" (freezing) of the cervix. The patient did have some significant discharge after the cryotherapy, but the cervical bleeding ultimately stopped. This procedure is not without risks, the most important being that scarring of the cervix which occurs which may effect the ability to get pregnant in the future.

You present a difficult problem here. In my experience, when problems like this arise and you are not finding "solutions" with one specialist, it is time to try a second opinion.
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Hi Galaxy,

I'm curious:  have your doctors looked into the possibility of some sort of bleeding disorder?  This may explain why other tests showed no vaginal problems.  

Okay, I'll zip up my mouth until the doctor responds...  ;o)  

Good luck, though.
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Searching ... once again makes a very good point here. A blood test called a ProThrombin Time (and a Partial Thromboplastin Time (also called PT/PTT) is something to consider as well as a test to rule out hypothyroidism. If these are normal, we can rule out a bleeding problem or thyroid problem as a possible cause.
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I have been tested about 5-7 times within a year for chylmadia and gonorrohea.  I have also been tested for HIV and syphilis, all were negative.  The only thing I haven't been tested for is herpes.  I have also had around 3-4 pap smears with the year and all were negative, with the exception of the time when I had a bacteria infection.  I did have some blood tests done when this first started, but I am not sure if I was tested for a blood or thyroid disorder.
I am going to another gynecologist next month.  Hopefully she will be able to figure out what the problem is.
Thank you both so much for your responses, I appreciate it.
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Good luck.  I'd be real curious to hear an update, if you ever do find out the cause of your bleeding.

Dr. T, glad you caught me "being smart."  ;o)  

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