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Breathing Problems of no known cause.
Hi I am a 42 y/o fm who has been having problems breathing for 5 months now. It feels like I can't get a good breath in at times- like something contracts and I have to keep working at it for a while to get a breath. This tends to come and go and can last for 3-5 days at a time and then gets a little better for a few days. Also seemed like I might have been a little more winded than I would expect to be. It can occur with rest or activity.I have had a complete plumonary work up and my PCP and consult with the plumologist can not find out why this is and wonder if it is anxiety (possible but not very likely- I am a mental health therapist and do not feel like this is a typical presentation of anxiety and have had no prior sx until now at age 42, and do not feel associated anxiety with it).

Test Results:
1. Chest PA and Lateral:
Mild mid thoracic degenerative changes-no active cardioplum, disease
2. CT HI resolution thorax chest:
mild emphysematous change in L.lung base,. Minimal interstitial prominence also seen in L lung base- no cofluent infiltrates or bronchial wall thickening seen-Impression:" Nonspecific mild intersitial prominence in Llung base:.
3. CT chest with Contrast:
On filling defect is seen in plum.arteries to suggest embolus-No adenopathy is evident-nonenlarged axillary lymph nod-liver spleen pancreas appear normal. Impression:" no evidence of pulmonary embolus negative CT scan.
4. 1st PFT:
no airway obstuction or restriction. Reduced Diffusion Capacity.
5. 2nd PFT:
(asked to come in when sx were present but not sure if it my breathing was a problem at the exact time of the test)
"Normal results"
6.  Cardiplumonary test "OK"
8. Echocardiogram: MLV, trivial MR, SPS NSC
9. was on vacation where lots of tic diseases were- MD r/o tic disease with blood work.

1. ANA: + A "low antiobodies", Pattern speckled A, 1:80 ( 2 y/o this was normal.
2. SED rate by modified Westergreen: rate of 7
3. ANCA: negative
4. Alpha-antitrypsin 133 normal
5. Rheumatoid factor is 10 (not sure if this was done thisyear)
6. CBC: Normal
7. Homocystein level is 6.4 TSH is 1.3

Family History:
mother:+ hypothyroid/heart diesase/cervical cancer
father:+ heart disease
Muncle:+ heart disease HA at 42
MGrandmother:+ Rheumatoid Arth.
MGfather;+ emphysemata/hear failue

My medical Hx:
former smoker- pack/day 11 years-quit 13 y/o
was in good shape was jogging 2-3 miles day until all this
Low grade fevers under 100 that come and go-(past 1-2 years)
little hair loss
-hx rashes on my trunk gone for a few years-current rash on neck "probably sun damage".
headaches with periods
minor sinus irritations off and on
no mental heatlh hx

Any sugguestions or thoughs you have would be greatly apprectiated- I wonder about auto immune problems? I have been very concerned about all this.
Thanks you for this service.

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You have had a pretty comprehensive evaluation - including x-rays, multiple CT scans as well as PFTs.  If there was a major disease present, these tests would do a pretty good job at detecting them.  One other consideration would be a methacholine challenge test to evaluate for asthma.  However with PFTs that were more or less normal, the yield of this would be low.

Autoimmune problems can be a consideration, however if they have progressed to a point where they are affecting the lung, signs would have shown up on the tests that you have had.  

Anxiety can also be considered - and I would consider treatment if all the tests come back negative.

You may want to discuss this with your personal physician, or obtain another pulmonary referral.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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Hello Nissan!

Please contact me! I Have the same problem which ruined me almost... It's much better now, but still is:( I have much experience with it. I have a feeling all the time like i would need more air  to get , but it's not getting inside my lunges... weird. Sometimes I get it , but it's like a hard work... The best release for me id to yawn( that gives me longer breaks between the stupid feeling of low-air). But it's also hard 4 me to yawn... It's really driving me crazy since 6 months, althought it's getting better slowly and I get used to it. At the beginning I was totally "damaged", totally filled with fear. I was affraid to do anything. My life was a horror.
I hope to get rid of it pretty soon because I'm too tired and I'm depressed because I'm still not the same self-confident happy 24 years old guy. I know it's not 4 ever because I know some people who had it also and it's gone totally after about 1 year. I did lot of things with it like psychotheraphy and medicine(Coaxil), biofeedback,accupuncture etc. Please let me know how you handle with it and what You think about it! It's strange for me - the opinion that it's anxiety because I would never expect something like that in my case. But I made almost all medical tests and I'm ok... I think I just have 2 wait!

mail: ***@****

p.s: sorry maybe 4 my poor english- I'm from Europe

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