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Doctor Letter

I would like to know what to say to an MD to write a doctor letter?

I have hearing loss and tinnitus which was due to my time spent in Viet Nam working on Helicopter Jet Engines and dealing with constant rocket attacks.  I can not get a VA doctor to give me a written statement to present to the board because they state there is no evidence that my hearing loss was due to my tour in Viet Nam however back then they did not give you a hearing test before being drafted nor after your return so no evidence, no compensation.

Can anyone help with a letter or give guidance on how to approach a Medical Doctor for a letter stating that it is more likely than not my hearing difficulties are related to aircraft engine repair while in the military?

The letter needs to look somewhat like the below.
Thanks in advance for any assistance

Your Letterhead

February 21, 2010

Dept of Veterans Affairs
Camp Dodge
1969 Vet Road.
Johnston, IA  50131-1824

Re: Mr. No Can Hear  
        SSN --- -- ----

Dear Dept of Veterans Affairs:
Mr. No Can Hear complains of decreased hearing and tinnitus.  During his period of service in the military, (Viet Nam) he was exposed to several different types of helicopter jet engines on a recurring basis as a mechanic.  It is my opinion it is more likely than not that Mr. No Can Hear hearing loss difficulties are related to his exposure to aircraft engine noise during his time of military service.


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Hi there,
I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulty getting this situation dealt with.  I'm sure it's very frustrating.
If there has already been a situation with your MD in which he/she has refused to write this letter, it may be diffuicult to change their mind without them feeling badgered.  I think that it would be helpful if you are able to provide something that proves that you actually spent a lot of time around aircrafts etc while in duty.  I think physicians worry that things like that may come back to haunt them, and they may be accused of fraudulent activity etc if they write a letter of that nature with no real evidence.
I don't think it can be expected that you prove hearing loss is from that, because as you say, you can't at this point.  But if you can provide proof (maybe in the form of a letter from a superior or something) that you were exposed to these things for long periods, the doctor may feel more comfortable.
Also, maybe if you see an ENT and explain the siutation, and ask if there is something you can provide that would make them feel comfortable writing such a letter, they may go for it.  I would also reiterate that it doesn't have to say that they are 100% sure this is the cause of your symptoms, only that they think it is quite likely given your circumstances.
Best of luck,
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