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High WBC, RBC and neutrophils.

Can you please advise me what type of Dr. I should be seeing with these results and give me feedback as to what could be causing this over such a long period of time? I have posted October, December and March tests.  

I do blood test for my endocrinologist every 8-10 weeks due to a Prolactin producing pituitary tumor and Hashimotos.  These CBC results are beginning to concern me greatly.

October 2008 test
Total WBC 10.5 (in range) 3.8-10.8
Neutrophils 69.3  H  42-63
Lymphocytes 24.7  L  25-40
Absolute Mono 116 (.116) L  200-950
Absolute Eosin  515 (.515) H 15-500
Absolute Neutro  7500 (7.5) 1500-7700 (1.5-7.7)

December 2008 test
Total WBC 11.5 H 3.8-10.8
Neutrophils 74.69 H 42-63
Lymphocytes 19.3 L 25-40
Absolute Neutro 8500 (8.5) H 1500-7700 (1.5-7.7)

March 2009
WBC 11.8 H
RBC 5.2 H
Absolute Neutrophils 9346 H

Overall I feel very fatigued, mildly depressed, forgetful.  I have gained weight rapidly and I am being checked for adrenal insufficiancy as well. My triglycerides are high HDL low and LDL is good.  Plasma Renin is 5.2 and I don't completely understand the ranges provided... but I believe that is high.  

Detailed help would be very much appreciated.  My primary Dr. just left the practice and I have not been able to see a new one yet.  I do have an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic next week to see a pituitary specializing endocrinologist.

Thank you!
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Hi Sarah,
A hematologist would be the appropriate physician to see for abnormalities in your CBC.  Your numbers are not terribly abnormal, but are increasing with each CBC, so if this trend continues, I would get a hematology consult.  They may just want to follow you for a while, or may suggest a bone marrow biopsy for diagnostic purposes.  

You should try to find a new primary care physician too, because it sounds like you have a lot of health issues going on, and you should have someone you trust to address you as a whole, so that you have some continuity of care, as well as someone who knows you well and can take some time to look at everything.

Best of luck,
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Thank you so much for your response Dr. Keyes,
Actually a former classmate of mine is a Dr. in the same primary office as my former Dr. and I spoke to her about about possibly me transferring to her.  She seemed ok with that.

I am going to the Cleveland Clinic next week to see a neuro-endocrinologist, maybe he can recommend some further tests while I am there and have the resources at my disposal. :-)

Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend!
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