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I don't know what to do ?

About 5 days ago my son very quickly came down with a stomach ache then a high fever. we made sure he ate a light diet lots of water, and some gator-aid, and other than being a little tired seem to have recovered. 2-3 days post fever, he poked his lip out and complained of a canker sore my response it doesn't look that bad your lip should live.
now today he came with the same compliant and when I looked he had loads of white sores and bright red swollen gums.
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Mouth sores commonly occur in children as part of a viral infection – and they can be concerning and very painful! Your description of his symptoms including a fever and then the development of mouth sores makes me think this is herpes stomatitis, caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). The herpes virus is very common in the population, and when children are first infected they can present with the symptoms you describe.  

I would recommend you see your doctor to have your son evaluated, as he may benefit from Acyclovir treatment. Your doctor may also give your son some numbing medication to swish in his mouth if the sores are very severe and painful. He/she will also check his eyes to make sure there are no lesions there.

It’s really important to make sure your son stays hydrated, as this condition can be very painful and kids won’t want to eat or drink. Try giving lots of liquids and cold drinks. Also, this is very contagious so make sure he avoids contact with other members of the family and children!

It's hard to tell without examining your son, but there are other conditions that could be causing his mouth sores – for example, this could be a manifestion of a different viral infection such as the Coxsackievirus. Or they could simply be common cold sores.

The most important thing is making sure he does not get dehydrated. It sounds like you’re doing a good job with that – keep it up!
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