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Mid-Cycle Bleeding

Dear Doctor,
     I am a 26 year old female.  I recently had a baby - nine months ago.  In the month of March, I had spotting.  It was in the middle of my cycle.  It was only one day but my period that month was very late.  I went to my OB/GYN.  She did a pelvic- normal.  I had a pap in January- normal.  I have had a pap every year for at least four years- all normal.  Three days after seeing the doc, I had a small(very small) amount of blood on the toilet paper when wiping.  It was very small, a tiny line, as if there was a small cut. ( I do not think I had a cut.) It was only when I wiped, there was one trace of blood about three times as I wiped. I have since had a normal period on time.  Should I go back to the doc for this small amount or is it safe to just monitor for any more instances like this?  Is such a small amount of blood possibly a cancer symptom?
The only other thing I have noticied since having the baby is, my monthly cramps are different. I would have stomach cramps, now they are more muscular aches (backs and legs) Is this normal? I di have two epidurals.How long before your cycle is back to normal after a baby?
Thanks for your patience.
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Hello - thanks for asking your question.

Without examining you it is impossible to say what is going on for sure.  

As for the blood after you wipe - it should be discerned whether it is coming from the vaginal or anal area.  You should be examinined by your gynecologist to evaluate this.  Another option would be to obtain a home occult stool test to see if the bleeding was from a GI source.  Possible causes include hemorrhoids or an anal fissure.  

In any case, any blood seen when wiping is not normal - this should be evaluated by a physician.  

The menstrual cycle typically returns 4 weeks after birth.  This is delayed if you are breastfeeding.  

Regarding your muscle aches - it is difficult to say what they are without examinination.  You may want to obtain potassium and calcium levels to make sure that electrolyte abnormalities are not the cause.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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I often get a little bit of blood (as you've described) during mid-cycle, around ovulation.  This is due to the fluctuations in hormones that occur at ovulation.

Here's a website with more information:

Hope this is helpful!

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Thanks Liz, it is helpful!!
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How often do you have the bleeding? I have had it twice in six months.
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I get a little mid-cycle spotting about 50% of the time... sometimes every month for 3 months, sometimes every other month or every two months.  

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Just curious:
What tests have you undergone for the bleeding???
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Several years ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS.  I was experiencing irregular/heavy periods, weight gain, acne, and hirsutism (excess body hair).  My regular gynecologist did some blood tests (prolactin, estrogen) and a transvaginal ultrasound.  Everything came out normal, so she recommended ibuprofen 400 mg every 4 hours to help lighten the bleeding.  This didn't help.  I consulted a reproductive endocrinologist, who ran other tests: progesterone, DHEAS, testosterone, and a 2 hour oral glucose tolerance test.  I had an elevated DHEAS and testosterone, and was diagnosed with insulin resistance.  The underlying problem in PCOS is thought to be insulin resistance: the body's cells have a reduced response to insulin, and the pancreas compensates by releasing more insulin.  In a woman with PCOS, this extra insulin stimulates the ovaries to produce excess testosterone (Note that all women produce very low levels of testosterone; this is normal.)  This excess testosterone causes problems with ovulation.  I wasn't ovulating, resulting in heavy bleeding when I did get a period.  The reproductive endocrinologist prescribed metformin (brand name Glucophage) 1500 mg/day and a low-carb diet.  I've lost about 10 pounds, and tests indicate that I'm now ovulating.  I've experienced very light bleeding (a drop or two when wiping) around mid-cycle about 50% of the time over the last 8 months.  I hope this helps ;)


PS: Here's a website with more info, if you are interested:
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I should add that my gynecologist also ran other blood tests: FSH, LH, and TSH.  These results were also normal.  
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