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Weird Feeling In Throat..

Well for the past couple of months I've been having this weird feeling in my throat at random times. It would usually be immediately after I eat, during I eat(which makes me stop eating cuz I feel like vomiting) or even when i am hanging out with a couple of friends or at work. I would also have a dry mouth, when this happens I drink water and nothing happens just a dry mouth and weird feeling in my throat that makes me feel like I wanna vomit but i don't. I do not get lightheaded or nausea. These symptoms would also wake me up in the middle of my sleep and i would have to go to the bathroom to do a number 2. I am not able to go back to sleep for hours because of the dry mouth and weird feeling. I really don't know what it is. Any advice?  
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Hi there,
Your symptoms could be attributed to a few different things- but you will need to see your physician for a formal diagnosis because it requires a more complete history, and physical exam.
There is something called "globus" that is common, and gives you an abnormal sensation in your throat, when there is nothing physical actually causing it.  This is a common diagnosis, but other pathological things need to be ruled out first- like refluux, lumps that are causing constriction to your esophagus (eg a lump in your thyroid), mechanical abnormalities in your esophagus (eg webs), or neuromuscular disorders.  Also, globus is generally unrelated to swallowing,

I think you should make an appointment with your MD if this is not resolving so that you can have a checkup, and based on that, they will decide if you require further investigation.

Good luck.
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