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feeling sick for over 3-weeks now....


I am a healthy 35 year old, white male. Eat well and exercise.

I have not been feeling well since June 2. I went to the DRs office after about 8 days and he said it was cold or flu and to rest. If I didn’t feel better than I should come back. I came back after around 5 days and they gave me chest x-ray and general blood test. All came back normal. Also, he listened to my chest each time and I sound ok. And I don’t have a particularly high fever.

I just don’t feel great. I am not stuck in bed or unable to work.  Just kind of that feeling like a cold is coming on but doesn’t really get worse or better.

Tues June 2 – Felt like cold / flu coming on
Two weeks – Felt pretty much the same. Never really felt like it got worse or better.
Week of 22 – Feeling a little better. But still not well.

Add’l, I had a cold about 5 days before June 2 and they gave me antibiotics (primarily because a few people in my office had sinus infections). Although I doubt I needed the antibiotics. Unfortunately, I don’t remember what antibiotic I took.

-mild cold or flu
-mild aches in my back
-pressure on the back of my neck
-feel tired, low energy but not too bad. I am able manage work, etc.
-mild headaches
-mild sore throat that comes and goes
-mild upset stomach and some mild nausea
-some sweats but nothing bad
-I’ve taken cold med, Advil and Tylenol and they don’t help the symptoms. I also tried allergy med, no help.

The night before I got sick (June 1) I did drink some water out of a water bottle that could have been on my night stand for a couple nights. I remember it having a bad taste. When I first told the DR this he sort of dismissed it.

1. Any ideas?
2. Mono, walking pneumonia? Wouldn’t these have shown up on my blood test?
3. Bacteria related to water bottle?
4. Just a suborn cold/flu?
5. What specifically can I say/ask my doc to get diagnosed?

I am frustrated because I don’t feel like I can get my DRs attention and get treated.

Thank you.
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It sounds like you probably have some viral infection that is hanging on.  Mono is a possibility, but you usually get a significantly sore throat and a fever with it.  It wouldn't show up with basic bloodwork- your docor would have to specifically look for it.
A significant bacterial infection (including pneumonia, and you mentioned you had a normal chest xray) would make you feel sicker than it sounds like you are.
I would give it another week or so, as long as you aren't feeling worse.  If it is still not resolving, you may want to talk to your doctor again about your concerns and take a closer look at searching for a cause.

Good luck.
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