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head hurts when bending over, coughing, sneezing

starting in jan. 2008 i strated getting headcahes when sneezing, coughing, bending over. for about 4 months they treated it for sinus problems,(which i did have surgery on about 15 years ago) but after antibodys and steroids did not work i went ear nose throat specialist and agin she tried a really strong antibody and streoits and ther was no luck ther eigher
So she had a cat scan done and it was negative so she send me to a nerologists, he did a mri and it came back negative. So he came up with primary cough headache and put me on indomethacin (which did work a liitle bit at first but side affects i cant handel being sleepy all the time.
Now its march 2009 and im in the same position and this week has been very bad with it hurting when bending over or coughing. From what i have read on primary cough headaches dont last this long
wher do i go from here. im not sure if i should see a different nerologlist, ear nose throat doctors
i just got my files back from the nerologist and there where a few things out of range on the spinal fluid test
csf total protein was high it was 56 mg/dl
on the blood work creatintine was a little high and egfr was low.
seeing the doctor never talked to me about this im not sure if it something of concern or not

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your symptoms do sound like cough headache- this can be due to primary cough headache, or seconday causes, which have been ruled out by CT and MRI.  Primary cough headache can last up to 2 years, so this is still the likely diagnosis.

The slight increase in your CSF protein may have been due to a traumatic tap (blood got into the tube).
I would have your creatinine followed up on to make sure it hasn't risen- creatinine and GFR are indicators of your kidney function.

I would either follow up with the same neurologist, or another one if you prefer another opinion, because there are other treatment options, and you shouldn't suffer unnecessarily.

Hope you are feeling better.

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