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lump - lower abdomen

I can feel a hard(ish) lump about 1" long beneath the fat, between my pubic bone and navel (slighty offset R of centre) - it does not hurt, but appears to have 'suddenly' appeared...

[Incidentally...I am shortly seeing a consultant with regards two similar lumps which occurred on the back of my neck and between my shoulder blades recently].

Q: What might the lump/s be ?

It doesn't seem to me to be in the right place for a typical abdominal hernia...
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Difficult to say without examination.  If the lump is superficial, it can be a fatty tissue deposit (lipoma).  This is normally benign and can be removed if it is causing discomfort.  

A hernia or cyst are also possible.  

You can consider a CT scan to confirm the diagnosis, or obtain a referral to a surgeon for further evaluation.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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Have similar occurance. I just noticed a small firm lump on bottom left side of abdomen just to the right of hipbone.
no pain or discomfort. hernia? or cyst perhaps?
is this urgent to see doctor or might it be something incidental and go away - can I wait a few days or week?
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My girlfriend found a lump in my lower right abdomen yesterday that sounds identical to the one described in the initial post. it feels like it's just beneath the skin. Now is a difficult time to get an appointment with my doctor as it is approaching Christmas and he's probably going to be takng an extended vacation, is it urgent that  have it checked out?
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Hi! I just have similar question about the lumps. My partner has a few lumps on his arm and lower abdomen which are firm, well defined and not growing any bigger. He said it's not painful either. I am concerned about those lumps and checked on the net. Similar condition was found and said to be "Lipoma" but most of the information seems to say that Lipoma is a soft, well defined and not a painful lump. I am just wondering if the lumps my partner has could be lipoma or something more serious? If I can get some advise or suggestion, most appreciated.
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My father has a lump in his lower left abdomen...just a little above the penis and hes not had a checkup yet...he was saying it could be cancerous..is that possible...if anyone has an idea what that is please let me know thank u very much
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I was to my doctor about the same type of lump.Lower right abdomen.The lump was firm,smooth and moveable.15mm in size.He seems to think it maybe a hernia or a scar tissue from surgery I had 3 years ago.The lump appeared very suddenly.Due to a cancer diagnoses of my previous surgery he has referred me to my gynocologist for follow up.Cancer was found in biopsy following surgery but I have had no signs since.
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Hi. I found a lump on the lower right side of my abdomen on April 2005. It really bothers me during my period. It feels like it's bruised and I can't have my son climbing on me during my period because it hurts. I've made appointments with my doctor and had to cancel two of them because I didn't have a ride to the hospital. My boyfriend has the car everyday so he can get to work. I've seen my doctor once about it and he said that he thinks it's a blood blister or a cyst. I had a lady do an ultrasound and it was clearly visible when she did the ultrasound. I told her that it hurts when I have my period and she said she thinks it's a cyst. One doctor mentioned endometriosis but I don't have the symptoms so he said it can't possibly be that. I'm tired of having it there because period symptoms are already bad enough as it is and now having a very sore abdomen (sensitive to touch, sit down or lay on) is very frustrating. Can you please help me and get back to me on this. Thank you. Sincerely, Candice
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