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lymph node on forehead/anemia/ borderline eosinophilia

My son is 32 yrs old, he has history of allergfic rhinitis, always complained of LACK OF ENERGY since 15 yrs of age and has complained of left knee pain since an injury obtained during squatting (10 yrs).All his investigatios were negative except for low globulins and borderline eosinophilia.  He now has a lymphnode on his forehead  and slightly anemic.

During the last 15 yrs no diagnosis has been made and had no specific treatment.

What is the significance of his eosinophilia and now the appearance of lymphnode and anemia. He is otherwise well with no systemic symtoms.
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Hi there, and happy new year.

Lack of energy/fatigue can be a difficult symptom to explain, as there are many medical conditions that can cause it, but it can also be caused or exacerbated by emotional/psychological factors such as depression, stress, lack of good quality sleep, exercise habits, nutrition, medications/drugs etc.  If nothing physical has been found, some of these other things may be playing a role.  Anemia can certainly cause fatigue though, and he should follow up with his physician to discuss the cause for his anemia, and to ensure that it is improving.
There aren't lymph nodes in the forehead, so the lump is more likely something like a cyst and should also be looked at if not resolving.  Eosinophilia is most commonly caused by parasitic infection or allergy, and with his history of allergic rhinitis, this is probably related.

Please have him follow up with his physician about these matters.  
Best of luck,
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