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recurring swollen lymph node

I am 25 year old female.I noticed a swollen bump under my right arm pit 1 1/2 months ago. The bump is not in the "breast" area it is along the top of my arm pit. Went to the doctor who put me on Augmentin and said he felt it might be a swollen lymph node.  After ten days of antibiotics the lump went away, however, now a week later it's back. I'm terrified. I have recently also found out I am pregnant-I will say the bump was present before my last period. I have had only two sexual partners. I have been with my husband for 6 years. However, 6 1/2 years ago I had unprotected sex with someone a couple of times (the same person). Now I'm terrified that I could have HIV. I have never been tested. Never touched any type of drugs. I was a smoker until I found out I was pregnant. I am overweight, have not lost a significant amount of weight in the past year. I am scared and would like some guidance what to do now if possible.
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Infection, cancer, or HIV certainly can be possible.

I would be tested for HIV - this can be done via a blood test.  A breast ultrasound or mammogram can be considered to rule out any breast masses.  

If the lymph node persists to be elevated, you can consider a biopsy to ensure it isn't cancer of the lymph node (i.e. lymphoma).  This is done by a surgeon.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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I recently noticed I have three sores/pimples (they look like chicken pox) under the same armpit near the breast area.
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Thankfully, you're asking your question to one of the better docs in the biz, ma'am. Dr. Pho will be able to answer your question.

If you have cats, or you have had them in the past, never rule out Toxoplasmosis. One report online estimates that over 40 million Americans are infected with this disease, although very few display any outward physical symptoms. Mental/cognitive impairments have been noted quite prominently in those with the condition, however. Medhelp mentions that they've been finding this one in several of those with Schizophrenia recently.

If the infection causes problems, though, some of the symptoms that you mention here are part of it, the lymph node swelling, in particular. It's kind of a mysterious condition along the lines of the complex nature of TB/Candidiasis, so it might be worth taking a peak at?

The EBV would be another. The autoimmune condition known as Lupus is another possibility.

Your doctor will know how to approach it, thankfully, and Dr. Pho will give you really good advise.

Good luck, ma'am.

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I do have a cat.  Is there anyway to test to see if that is what is really the matter? My doc is sending me in for a biopsy Friday and I would really prefer not to do that if a blood test can tell what might be the matter.
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Again, ma'am, I'm not a doc, so I could never answer that.

There is a blood test for Toxo AB's, but I would never, ever bypass the biopsy if I were you. Your doc knows what he's doing there. A biopsy definitely sounds like something you would want to have performed if you have lymph node swelling.

Again, Dr. Pho's a brilliant guy, and it sounds like your in the hands of an outstanding doc yourself, so you're in good shape, kiddo. Good luck on everything.
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I recently noticed a lump underneath my armpit.  I am wondering if this could be a swollen lymph node.  Can someone tell me what a swollen lymph node would look like and does it secrete any type of liquid.  This lump I have secreted a liquid similiar that of what would come from a pimple.  Thank you
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I had an Axillary Lymph node many years ago under my arm that swelled up and progressively got worse over the course of several month's. I was also feeling very weak and tired along with feeling like I had some infection I was fighting.

I went to several doctors and ran some tests but revealed nothing. Finally my wife who just graduated nursing school found a surgeon who took a quick look at me in the ER. He became rather interested in me and spent the next couple hours trying to figure out what this lump under my armpit was which was now almost the size of a golf ball.

When he sent the resident down and had him ask if we had a cat the hair on the back of my neck raised up! My roommate at the time had a cat and I would play with it. Of course it still had it claws...  They kept looking for a scratch or cut on my arm but there was nothing. I was given antibiotics to see if that knocked it out but no change over several weeks.

Needless to say they ended up excising my under arm and all kinds of pus shoot out! They then sqeezed out some more and put a drain in. Within 2 weeks I was a new man and back to my old self.
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