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Cycle 1 Days 1-5 results

Day 1 beginning weight-263
Day 2- 261
Day 3- 261.6
Day 4- 259.4
Day 5- 257.8
with a total loss of 5.2 lbs
I wonder how the next 6 days will go?
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Weigh in for day 6- 257.2
loss of 0.6 lbs
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I got curious and took my measurements on day 7

Day 1              Day 7
chest-40           40=  0
waist-47            46=  1
right arm-19        18.5= 0.5
left arm-18           18= 0
hips- 54.75          52.5= 2.25
right leg-31            29.5= 2.5
left leg-30              28= 2
neck-15.5             15= 0.5

Grand Total so far 8.25 inches lost
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Those are some great results girl!!  Keep up the great work!
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How did "Veggie Day" go for you?  I hated it! On my first cycle I did 2 "Fruit Days". Next cycle I'm going to just choose one of the regular meal days and try that to see if there is any difference in the results.
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Well i could only eat two of the meals the last meal i ate was at 11 pm and i did not eat again till i got up for the next work day.  Well I am doing better than planned Weigh in for day 10 is 255.6, that is a 8.4 lbs loss since day 1 we will see what the final weight is for tomorrow, i plan on getting a small bowl of ice cream just a small one though. LOLOLOLOL I will try not to gain any back on the free day weekend.
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Final weigh in 254.6 I will post inches lost after breakfast
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Well the first free day is going good so far, for breakfast i had scrambled eggs, sausage link(on my meal plan) and 1/4 biscut with gravy, i think i am afraid of eating anything i want due to fear of gaining back what i lost so i am going to try to stick to as close to my meal plan as i can. For lunch i had cottage cheese, watermelon, and grapes. they were good. And i had a small cup of ice cream!!! :)

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Day 1                 Day 7                   Day 11
chest-40              40                        40           =0
waist-47              46                        42.75       =4.25
right arm-19         18.5                     17            =2
left arm-18           18                        16.5         =1.5
hips- 54.75          52.5                      52.5         =2.25
right leg-31            29.5                    29            =2
left leg-30              28                       29            =1
neck-15.5             15                       15             =0.5

starting weight 263
ending weight 254.6
loss of 8.4 lbs

total loss of inches 13.5
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I got it figured out if I lose 8 lbs a cycle all I need to do is 12 more cycles then I should be at my goal weight that would be around December when I finish
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