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Cycle 2 day 1

Starting Weight 258.8
gain of 4.2 lbs

Neck - 15
right arm - 17.5
left arm- 17
chest-  39.5
waist- 42
hips- 53
right leg- 29
left leg- 29

Well I was hoping to lose some weight on my free day weekend but i didnt, i did lose some inches, which i dont know how. Here is to Cycle 2 lets see how it goes!!!!

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Good luck -  I start cycle 2 tomorrow :) x
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weigh in for day 2- 255.8
loss of 3 lbs
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Fantastic results -  seems like you have worked out the times to eat that work best for you x
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day 3 weigh in 254.8 loss of 1 lbs
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Day 4 weigh in - 255.6
I knew i would gain some weight just looking at it i gained 0.8 lbs, tonight they had pizza i will gain some more weight just for smelling it. LOL
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Day 5- 256.4
gain of 0.8 lbs

Day 6- 253.4
loss of 3 lbs
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Starting weight for Cycle 2 -258.8
Cycle 2  Day 6 -253.4
loss of 5.4 lbs


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Weigh in for Day 7- 252
loss of 1.4 lbs

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Ok my first mini goal is 250, that is how much i weighed when i got married 4/24/2010, i am almost there, 2 more lbs to lose
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Day 9- 250.2
Day 10- 249.6

loss of 0.6 lbs
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I have uploaded pictures
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This is current weight

Body Fat:  31.81 %
Fat Weight:  79.2 pounds
Lean Weight: 169.8 pounds

When I started

Body Fat:  36.78 %
Fat Weight:  96.7 pounds
Lean Weight: 166.3 pounds

with a loss of 4.97% of fat loss
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Ending weight for Cycle 2- 251.2
with a total loss of 7.6 lbs
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