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FL4I Post Your Progress Here

Here you can post your progress and whatever else comes to mind.
I posted a bunch of my cycles, but they came out in several posts. I'm new here so I didn't intend to do that and if I could delete them and start over I would, but....I can't.
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Here is my progress/story so far:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm a newbie....I just purchased the FL4I program online last night.

I've been searching and doing research on diets, calorie counting etc...

So, after a couple week search/research, I came across the Fat Loss 4 Idiots. (Does that make me an idiot?)

I have "Yo-Yoed" all my life.

In June of 2002 I weighed 360 lbs

January 2005 I weighed 280 lbs

June 2006 I weighed 235 lbs

December 2006 I weighed 204 lbs and kept it there until February of 2008 when my 24 yr old son Arthur was found dead.

On September 8, 2009, I had a heart attack...shortly after turning 45. I weighed in at 270 lbs

Since the heart attack I've lost about 50 lbs....last time I checked.

I was on a ton of pain meds for several years due to chronic pain. My doc prescribed cymbalta...and it helped, but I couldn't sleep. Then I got sick....Come to find out you don't mix tramadol and cymbalta not to mention the hydrocodone and muscle relaxers I was on.

For over three years - Tramadol hcl 50mg tab -- up to 8 a day.
For a year -Zanaflex maybe 3 a day
For a couple years -Hydrocodone-Ibuporf 7.5 mg normally 4 a day but sometimes more.
May 16, 20011 - June 8, 2011 - Cymbalta 60mg Delayed Release caps

Well almost 11 days ago I quit them all "Cold Turkey".
Boy was that a nightmare not to mention stupid...it could have killed me. But I went through some #%@&! and tomorrow I will be pill free for 11 days.

I was on a two meal a day diet and lost 11 lbs in less than a week prior to quitting the poison.

Had an anniversary weekend get away and also bought a new digital scale that tracks a bunch of stuff..."Healthometer Professional Body Fat Scale". Well with all that..the outing and change of scale it was up 20 lbs.

I decided it's time for a change...I'm done starving myself and not eating the right balance of foods and after a bunch of research ...I'm going to do this FL4I.

No more pills ....no more starving....no more guessing. It is time for Rachelle to get HEALTHY!

I've got several trackers set up on Medhelp and a little support there.

When I had my heart attack, I had to have an angioplasty with some stents put in and some opening of other arteries done. My cardio doc said as far as exercise goes to walk 30 mins a day. Ha ha...I bought a good treadmill, used it a few times and it became dusty.

I've been back on my treadmill and use it daily for 30 mins now, and that really helps me deal with the pain since I am no longer on any pain killers.

Like I said, I'm starting this Monday, June 27, 2011. I have my first 11 days of meals printed out and am making a shopping list/going shopping to get prepared.

Monday, June 27, 2011
Cycle 1: Monday, June 27, 2011 – July 07, 2011
For Rachelle on her Weight Loss Journey

Sex: Female
Age: Almost 47 yrs old
Height: 5’ 8” or 68”
My “ideal” weight for my large frame is 154, but my goal weight is 150

Starting Weight: Monday, June 27, 2011: 226.8
BMI: 34.5

Neck: 15
Chest: 45
Upper Arms: 16
Waist: 43
Hips: 46
Thighs: 26
Calf: 16

DAY #1
Monday, June 27, 2011

Exercise: Treadmill ~ 30 Minutes ~ 2.5 MPH ~ 131 Calories Burnt

Water: I drank 80 fl oz of water today easily!

I didn't eat all the foods I had the option to and I didn't feel hungry all day. I found myself thinking..."Is it already time to eat again?"

I consumed 1,905 calories today, however, calories and exercise are not to be counted on this program.
Day # 2 Cycle 1
Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today was day 2 (Fruit day)...It all started out good until after my 2nd meal. Then the bad hunger set in along with a headache.

I doubt I'll ever eat my sandwich first thing on fruit day again.

The tomato soup suggested helped me with the rest of the evening.

Exercised on treadmill...walked 1.3 miles

Drank 84 fl oz of water

(starting weight) Day 1 Weigh in was 226.8 lbs
Day 2 I weighed in at 223.4 lbs
Loss 3.4 lbs

Day # 3 Cycle 1 Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It was a good day all and all.

I walked again (3rd day in a row) on the treadmill for 30 minutes at 2.7 mph.

All my meals went well except the last one. We had a tire on a trailer problem and got stuck on the highway for a while and I didn't feel like eating after 10pm.

06/27/11 - Starting weight:226.8 lbs

06/28/11 - Weight: 223.4 lbs

Lost:3.4 lbs

06/29/11 - Weight: 220 lbs

Lost:Another 3.4 lbs

Total Loss for two days: 6.8 lbs

(starting weight) Day 1- 06/27/11 Weigh in was 226.8 lbs
Day 2 - 06/28/11 I weighed in at 223.4 lbs
Loss 3.4
Day 3 06/29/11 I weighed in at 220 lbs
another 3.4 lb loss
Day 4 06/30/11 I weighed in at 219.4
Loss of .06 lbs
Total for diet is 7.4 lbs.

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(starting weight) Day 1- Cycle 1 FL4I :06/27/11 Weigh in was 226.8 lbs
Day 2 1- Cycle 1 FL4I :06/28/11 I weighed in at 223.4 lbs
Loss 3.4
Day 3 - Cycle 1 FL4I : 06/29/11 I weighed in at 220 lbs
another 3.4 lb loss
Day 4 - Cycle 1 FL4I : 06/30/11 I weighed in at 219.4
Loss of .06 lbs
Day 5- Cycle 1 FL4I : 07/01/11 I weighed in at 218.6
Loss of 1 lb
Day 6- Cycle 1 FL4I: 07/02/11 I weighed in at 216.4
Total for diet is :10.4 lbs.

WOW!! WOW!!! WOW!!!


I've been walking on my treadmill 30 minutes a day now too. I got the treadmill shortly after my heart attack since my cardio doctor said I could only do 30 mins of exercise, but only used it a few times until recently...now it's part of my daily list of things to do.

I take the following supplements (keep in mind I had a heart attack 09/08/09 and recently came off of a ton of pain meds after being on them for years.

I take Per Day:
1000 mg of Vitamin C
Flaxseed Oil 1000 mg 3 times a day
Vitamin E 1000 I.U.
MegaRed 100% Pure Omega-3 Krill Oil 300 mg
One A Day Women's Active Metabolism

FL4I doesn't require any supplements, but after having Serotonin syndrome, Flukes and going through mega withdrawls coming off all those pain killers within the past 40 days (at 3 weeks for the Serotonin syndrome and quitting all my pain meds), I really needed some good stuff going through my system.

I drink about 84 fl oz of water daily
I eat my meals about 3 hours apart
I only eat until I'm satisified and many times when it's time to eat I'm not very hungry, but try to get in all 4 meals a day.
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Cycle 1- Day 1 starting weight 263
some of the meal choices are weird for breakfast i had turkey slices and low fat milk, what a breakfast
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these are my starting measurements:
Starting weight-263
chest(in)- 40
right arm-19
left arm- 18
waist- 47
hips- 54  3/4
right thigh-31
left thigh- 30

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I find ALL the meals odd..... but the results motivate me to 'manage' with the weird choices.... best of all I have not been left hungry despite eating so little compared to what I was eating....

Good luck :)
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Yes some of them are very odd indeed...sometimes the foods go very well together.

I've found myself asking which one of my two or three choices do I want, because none of them go together.
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Weigh in for Day 2- 261
loss of 2 lbs
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Congratulations on the 2 lb loss!!
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it is the end of day 2, wonder what my wiegh in will be can wait.
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Day # 1 - Cycle 2- Monday, July 11, 2011: Weight: 221.6 lbs

Day # 2- Cycle 2- Tuesday, July 12, 2011: Weight: 216.8 lbs

Lost: -4.8 lbs

Day # 3- Cycle 2 - Wednesday, July 13, 2011: Weight: 216.8 lbs

~~~~~NO CHANGE~~~~~
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Well i gave myself a scare, i fell asleep after coming home from work about 9 am, woke up at noon to go to the bathroom and weighed myself and it said i gained 2 lbs, then i thought how did i gain 2 lbs. So i laid back down and got up an hour later to pee again and weighed myself again and i was at the weight that i was yesterday. So i think i am gonna have to shift my days. Instead of starting my day at 4 am, then eating at 8 am sleep then eat at 630 pm. I am gonna have the to eat the first meal of the day at 630 pm, 1030 pm, 4 am and 8 am, so i will get my four meals in, and then sleep so i am not spliting my day up around my sleep. So i am going to wait and eat at 630 pm and not weigh myself until then. It is now 130 pm and i cant sleep
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Well i gained 0.6 lbs, but i think it was the times i was eating, so i am going to try to eat at different times to see if i get any different results
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Weigh in for day 4- 259.4
Loss of 2.2 lbs
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Way to go girl!  Did you finally come up with a good eating schedule?
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Congratulations bebe011 :) x
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Weigh in for day 5- 257.8
a loss of 1.6 lbs
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can't believe I have dropped anoher 1.4lb after my first cheat/choice day -  I am sooo happy -  off on holiday now -  (yes Im taking my scales with me lol)
See you next Saturday -  good luck girls :)
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Good luck!!! talk to you when you get back.
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Ok my first mini goal is 250, that is how much i weighed when i got married 4/24/2010, i am almost there, 2 more lbs to lose
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Fantastic ... I am 1lb away from my first mini goal which is 178lbs which is my lowest weight in 12 years.
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This is current weight

Body Fat:  31.81 %
Fat Weight:  79.2 pounds
Lean Weight: 169.8 pounds

When I started

Body Fat:  36.78 %
Fat Weight:  96.7 pounds
Lean Weight: 166.3 pounds

with a loss of 4.97% of fat loss

here is the website i used
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Body Fat: 36.6 %
Fat Weight:83.1 pounds
Lean Weight: 143.9 pounds

Body Fat: 27.85 %
Fat Weight: 59.3 pounds
Lean Weight: 153.7 pounds

Not sure what that really means, but I checked out the link bebe posted
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hi you all....my name is fariha and im a newbie here and in this diet....ive found it really motivational and inspiring..not to mention effective...im 29 years old and weighed 174lbs when i started the diet 3 days ago. today im 169.8 lbs. my weight have always been fluctuated between 160-185 lbs...ive always been chubby and called fat...although i was pretty healthy otherwise. and active. when i got married back in 2007 i weighed 70 kgs(154lbs) but gained alot over the years. im a housewife and waiting to b a parent, my weight has always been the greatest hindrance in my way.i've tried weight watchers, southbeach, atkins, cabbage soup, cereal diet and numerous others, although i lost weight, but i gained back as soon as im finished with them. so it took a lot of time to figure out that iwasnt eating healthy and dieting healthily. im desperate now and FL4I is my only hope...im not a big fan of exercising, but i walk almost every day. and also from today im starting Zumba...hope to see faster results after that. my progress so far....

FL4I: CYCLE 1: sep 12th, 2011

HEIGHT: 5-4" (64in)
BMI: 29.8(OBESE)
ARM: 11in
CHEST: 36.5 in
HIPS: 45in
WAIST: 42in
THIGHS: 27in
NECK: 13in

using the link bebe posted, this is body fat calculations when i started this journey...
Body Fat: 47.86 %
Fat Weight: 83.3 pounds
Lean Weight: 90.7 pounds

hmmm not a pretty sight....well let see wat would change after completing cycle 1...:)

so far i've lost 4.2lbs...and i'll post my progress after completing the cycle.

i've found the diet fairly easy...im not craving much...just something salty sumtimes...but overall im pretty focused. the only thing i've changed so far is eating tilapia instead of flounder...and im pan searing it not broiling it as recommended....also, i didnt like eating beef without anything else, so im just skipping it. my meals call for a lot of eggs and im not sure how much should i eat per day...currently im eating 2-3 /day...i've searched the web, and so far i got mixed views on egg consumption. im trying to limit it 2/day...

Also, drinking 80oz of water is too much for me...coz i dont feel thirsty much...but i've been drinking 8 glasses (64oz) and drinking 2 cups of green tea /day...i hope its fine..:-/...

also, any tips to withstand the "veggie day" would b appreciated..:))

thanx for the forum and all the inspiration...cheers to the weightloss and being healthy...:))

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Wow Sounds like  you're off to a great start.  

Welcome to the FL4I forum!

There are a few of us here who have found that doing two "Fruit Days" worked instead of doing a Veggie Day" .  Also on Fruit day it helps me to use tomato soup as a meal and I've done well with that.  I've been off FL4I for over a month and will be starting back on it on Monday.  I had done pretty well not gaining weight until this past stressful week, so now I'm sure I've gained and I plan on getting some ice cream to enjoy before I start on Monday.

Best of luck to you on FL4I....please keep us posted...and I apologize for not responding sooner...I've been in the process of moving and remodeling ....dealing with a lost dog and other things, but I should be checking in more often after Monday. Finally I'll have some cable internet...It's been almost a year without it due to living out in the country where they didn't have high speed internet...so I've been using my blackberry phone to get internet on my laptop and pc.

Take care!
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