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Bleeding after intercourse after chemical mc

Hi ladies need some advice/help asap, A little history -
I 33 DH 33,TTC for 4 yrs,PCOS,Unexplained Infertility,2 failed IUI's,01 IVF - BFP but resulted in Chemical Pregnancy.After my 3rd beta result which was dropping I was advised by my RE to stop all Progestrone suppliments on 4/5.I started my full flow AF on 4/9, and lasted till 4/15.But a little brown spotting was still happening.
Went to my Gyn on 4/16, and planned dates for my next IVF cycle(which will now happen 02 months later).We asked her incase we can start trying naturally from immediate effect and she was alright wth it.
Last night 4/18,we had intercourse,and I started having cramps and lot of irritation/burning sensation in my vagina.I ignored it and slept off. Today morning I was shocked to see that I was bleeding,not spotting,bleeding.Its brown in colour.Am very worried about it,have tried calling my Gyn but no response.
Ladies anybody who had a similar experience or heard about it,please please give me some advice.Need to know whats happening with my body!!!Should i have waited for sometime before having Intercourse? infact we were hoping to go for a small holoday in 3 days time,since my ovulation dates are approaching and we wanted to try naturally!!
Please ladies, need help!!!!
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