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Follicles and IUI

We went for my 1st IUI MAY 26TH 2013, I had 1 matured follicle and later we found out that it had failed. On June 7th I got my period and it continued until the June 14th. On the 2nd day of my period, June 8th, we went in for blood work and ultrasound, later on in the day they called with the results stating everything looked good and at this stage it was not necessary to take an fertility drugs and to just continue the prenatal vitamins. Yesterday, June 21st, we went for blood work and an internal ultrasound to measure the follicle and check my blood levels. When they called yesterday with the results they said that they saw a spike in my levels and to redo everything again today. We repeated blood work and an ultrasound again today and they said everything seemed to look good with ultrasound while we were there but then they called with results saying that my levels were too low for ovulation and that they would triple check when they redo my blood work and ultrasound on Monday at 11:30am but that it wasn't looking like a good cycle to do IUI and they don't recommend it at this point. We are so confused because they said that even though my follicle is 21mm, that this follicle has been hanging around for the last 3 months. Today, June 22nd, is day 14 in my cycle this month and I have 2 follicles, 1 is 8mm (too small) and 1 is 21mm (good size but stagnant for 3 months according to my fertility specialist). This was very confusing to us, so if you have an information as to what this could mean we would greatly appreciate an accurate advise that you may have to share.
Our doctor's 1st available appointment to meet and answer our questions isn't until Aug 5th at 3pm because she has weeks of IVF patients and a 2 week vacation coming up so that is why it is so far away and we don't speak with the nurse until Monday. Here are some other questions we have:
1.) how many follicles is considered good to have over 18mm before doing an IUI?
2.) what fertility drugs or tests should we try? what are our options? *******We already did an HSG Test and everything was fine with my fallopian tubes. Last cycle will took the HCG shot 1x, used crinine (progesterone gel) 8% 1x daily (morning) for about 13 days and took Pregnyl injection 2xs. *******FYI -  I just turned 30 yrs old and my fiancé is 31 years old.
3.) why could this be happening? that I'm not ovulating or releasing eggs?
4.) how can you find out if a follicle has an egg in it?
5.) why is the same follicle "hanging around" for 3 months?
6.) *******I have an assist that is fairly large I am told. Could this be causing a problem?
7.) should we try a Gonal-f injection(s)?
8.) what does PCOS mean? how is it treated?
9.) should I take Clomid since I don't have periods regularly? ******** I usually only get a period a couple of times a year and it is super light and only lasts 2-3 days. My May cycle (the 1st failed IUI attempt), was the 1st time that I have had a normal period.
Thank you for any information or if you can direct us to a site to find more answers, that would be appreciated as well!

<3 Kate and Michael
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